Sunday, June 18, 2006


Happy Father's Day

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We all know this day does not get as much press as Mother's day.We also know many children grow up without the presence of a father in their lives and of such the day can awaken feelings of bitterness or just plain nonchalance.On the flip side there are many wonderful fathers who do not shirk their responsibility and are totally involved in the lives of their children.To the latter,I say congratulations for the wonderful job you do and to the absentees it is not too late to mend some fences.Happy Father's day to all in Blogland.

Good point about the many "real" daddies. We usually spend so much time talking about the deadbeats, we forget to recognize the good ones.

I'm with you: Happy Father's Day to the real Papa's!
thanks i think i fall into the latter category not sure though :-)
Happy Father's Day to the Daddies that be taking care of they bidness!
LOL @ Blogland
Thanx Kami....I figure I'm not doing such a bad job but the kids would be the best people to answer. :D
My sentiments exactly. Mad props for the dads out there.
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