Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Football fans healed

From comes this amusing(to me anyway)story.

Three Argentinian football fans were thrown out of their team's World Cup clash with Holland for pretending to be disabled.

The fans bought wheelchairs and then bought special cheap tickets reserved for disabled fans to get into the match.

But their ruse was discovered when one of the trio got carried away by the game and started jumping up and down.

One of the three, who gave his name as only Gustavo, told Folha de SP: "Our friend couldn't stop jumping and a person near us thought there was a miracle happening."

Another of the group, Claudio, added: "We are embarrassed by what we did, but we had no alternative. We did not have the money to pay for a ticket."

That's what you call wanting to see something. I suppose the embarrassment of being found out is punishment enough...

Ouch! Sucks to be them right now :)
Oh, how strong the love of football is! And how emotional it can get people.
That is hilarious, but something I know I would try to pull to get into a boxing match. :-)
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