Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Cry the beloved country

Many years ago the Caribs called this island Hairoun which means Home of the Blessed.Since then we have spoken of ourselves as blessed or the natural place to be.

Mother Nature has been kind sparing us from direct hits by hurricanes and catastrophic volcanic eruptions.However,the tide of violent crimes and general lawlessness pervading the island seems intent on making a mockery of our billing.

There used to be a time when I heard of a crime that the perpetrators would be strangers.Nowadays,am finding out that too many of the perps are people I grew up with,went to school with or are passing acquaintances.Just this past weekend,a girlfriend has had to move from her home fearing reprisals over a shooting incident that supposedly involved some of her family members.I have resigned myself to the possibility that pretty soon these gangsters lives will be over unless they experience some sort of epiphany.

I long for the island where,not so long ago doors could remain unlocked,where burglar bars were a rarity and there was a strong sense of community.Now,we hear of drive by shootings,execution type killings and gang warfare.Nobody seems to know where it started and how it will end.In the meantime news of killings are increasingly met with a weary resignation.What to do?

That's a terrible situation. But the truth is, every single place in the world is getting more and more crazy as the years go by.

It doesn't look like there's anything we can do to stop our downward plunge into hate and killing. All we can really do is hope for the best.
Long gone are the days when we could stay outside in the nights and chat, biuld housed without burgular bars and feel free to go anywhere. It's the last days.
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Seems like crime is everywhere these days huh? I wish I knew an end to it.
they call that progress dont they? same thing happening all over the caribbean and the world in general. if you want things like before you going have to move to a deserted island and start you own thing
So that's what "hairoun" means! I thought it was your nickname or something. As the Good Book says, "in the last days, man will become desperately wicked."
It's everywhere Kami :( can't seem to get away from it at all.

Finally I get the meaning of hairoun... :) Maybe I should have just asked all these months ago...nuh true? :D
Its the same cry everywhere, honey... I am noticing that some of the cops here have started to carry sidearms here too... not all of them, but the slide has begun, it seems...
Yeah hun, get a gun...
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