Friday, June 02, 2006


Common Entrance Day

It's Common Entrance day in st Vincent and the Grenadines-one of the more nerve racking days in the lives of both parents and children.Thousands of nervous boys and girls will march into one of the island's examination centres and hope they do well enough to enter a top school.

Thankfully,we have moved towards universal secondary education which means each child is assured of a place in a secondary school.This is in stark contrast to when the life of the child that failed Common entrance was effectively over.A fortunate few would be succesful in the School Leaving exam and gain entry to a secondary school while the remainder would just fade away.

The universal education while excellent is not foolproof nor is it a cure all. Frankly, many of these children are really not up to the standard required for secondary education.You'd be surprised how many children get to Grade 6 and cannot read.My hope is that the remedial aspect be given a lot of attention as well as pointing children who are not academically inclined to attaining a skill.

Good luck little ones

Guess we have the same issues here. Unfortunately, the school system seems to be geared towards "get them through the door and be somebody elses problem". We have assessments starting as early as Grade 1 and still we have the ones who pass through without any education. They are asess for 4 times during their primary education days and still nothing..... Yeah resources tight but when does that stop becoming an excuse.
That's very interesting. And yes, here too, I've seen many students in high school who still have serious trouble reading.
Good Luck to the little ones. This time of the year brings out all the controversies about the pros and cons of the Common Entrance. Personally, I think they should abolish it and put all schools on the same level or do charter schools.
Ah, the days when Common Entrance actually frightened me.
Like Grace said - very common problem. How sad we live in a world with all that we have & still there is hunger, poverty, illiteracy, racism... I'm sure God weeps.

Good luck to the little ones indeed
All the best. All deserve a chance.
Oh I remember those days!

It's the same situation here in Jamaica too Abeni.

All the best to the likkle one dem.
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