Monday, June 26, 2006


Calling Jamaican bloggers

On July 24th,yours truly will be touching down in Jamaica and departing on Aug 7th.Naturally,I wanna link up with y'all in similar fashion to the last link up.So take this space to start planning which day and where we are gonna to have the hangout.Women bloggers you got to show up this time! MB,RI and Trouble am giving you enuff notice to fly over:)

On another note as part of a friendly wager I have to concede to Googly 1961(a blog reader and fellow member of Caribbean Cricket.Com) that he knows more football than me.The thing is I wagered that Holland would win Portugal but I ended up on the losing side.Not even sure I can call Sunday's game football since it was more like a war zone.Hmmm.should I really be held to the bargain?

Hey sis!

Answer me this...why do folks from warm locales visit OTHER warm places... mi nuh quite hundastand.

Look dear, mi would nevah gwan a Jamaica when it's +35 in Canada... nuh mek nuh sense. hahahaha. But you WILL find me there in the winter time.

Interesting Heather Headley video...they depict a brotha but she married a white man!
Awesome! Would love to meet you. Maybe we could meet someplace central, like Half Way Tree or New Kingston.
Hey Soli...girl,unless I going to OZ or the North Pole I figure most places warm now.Inter-island travel is fun though.

Sure Leon we can link.
What? Boston' not good enough for you? :P
Will have to see what Scratchie, Stunner, Charles et al can come up with.
Just a shout out. Joined like 2 hours ago and I am Jamaican. Right time to visit - Sumfest, Sunsplash, Liming Central
I'll be in Jamaica at that time. Dr. D, Scratchie, Stunner mek sure you keep me abreast of tha plans.

Kami this is exciting news. Look for to seeing you in Jamdown.
good luck with your team...we (USA) got our azz ez handed to us...
Might just make that one. One of your commentators is saying you shouldn't invite me, or you should invite only people from cold places - oh well.
Oh nice. Have fun in my little island and here's how you do it. So here's what visitors do. Check out Dunn's River in Ochy, Visit the Quad-Kingston, Check out sumfest or sunsplash (don't remember the dates so not sure which one you'll be able to catch), catch a lyme at Hellshire (St.Catherine) on a Sunday, have ice-cream at Devon House, pass through Portland and have some Boston Jerk Pork and get some pan chicken from Mannings Hill Road. Ok, that covers it. Have fun.
Man - was I the only one feeling sorry for dem Dutch boys? That was a some serious beat down type football.
Oh i wish i could visit Jamaica too this time and meet you girl and the other bloggers keeping my fingers crossed that i might be able to run away for a few days ...fingers crossed...
ummm excuse me mademoisselle but when you visiting toronto? curry goat is this saturday ya kno?
Definitely some sort of linking mus happen. I'll email you my numbers and we can arrange something for sure.
That match with Portugal and Netherlands was horrible..16 yellow cards and 4 who them was fighting?
Sure Abeni, just say the time and place and I'll try to be there.

Maybe Dr. D can suggest a place! He did a good job the last link-up. Cuddyz or one of those sports bars could be cool.
Ok,y'all suggest the place and which would be the best day and I would be there.
I'll definitely try to make it the link up this time.
now I see it..
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