Thursday, June 22, 2006


24 hrs left

verseone tagged me and here goes.If you had 24 hours to live what would you do?

1.Ask the Man above for some extended time.If he says no then I'll

2.Tell my loved ones how much I love them and how much they meant to me

3.Make a will

4.Plan my funeral.Make a detailed list of all the songs,scripture readings,choose my eulogist etc.

5.Make my peace with God

6.Log into MSN etc and explain my soon to be absence

7.Try skydiving or something along that line since it doesn't matter if the parachute fails.

In reality I probably would be too spooked out to do anything:).On another note,anybody knows what has happened to Shotta Marc? No goodbyes,nutten,just pull one big disappearing act

The followup question would be that if you had 24 hours to live, would you want to know?
Nah.Prefer not to know
I wonder what happened to the Shotta myself. Cali J must know something still...
Oooh, that's a terrible. I wouldn't even want to think about it. I'd prefer for death to come abruptly... don't want to see it coming.
Hey Kami...thanks for remembering me. I plan to do number 7 on your list whether I have 24hrs to live or not, but then I'm a bit of a thrillseeker.

I guess there were no goodbyes because I never really planed on going anywhere. A day's break turned into a week, then a month, and then many months.

Well I'm back now.
Welcome back Marc.Am gonna be in Ja July 24 th to Aug 7th and I still remember your club offer:)
Bwoy, Kami, you are powerful, missis... you speak of the debbil and he appears! :) are scaring ask yuh ask for the man and poof..... :O
Mine involves emptying my debit card at the nearest brothel...
Pretty nice list. Hey! How come I've never been tagged?
I agree with Mad Bull, we have been asking about Shotta M and the one time you ask about him, he returns!
I'm with you: I'd be asking for more time (then be too scared to do anything else!)
I don't get this is it only Trouble and me thinking about spending our last 24 hrs getting some?
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