Friday, May 12, 2006


Singing the blues

"We Host"

Sometimes Death knocks/waiting patient & polite/We gather our things/and go ready unafraid/Sometimes Death intrudes/kicking down the doors/we put up barricades & fight/going angry unprepared/But Life/Life just comes upon us/and visits/only long enough/to invite Death. Courtesy Free

The last few days I've been kinda down because am missing my friend so much.She's not here and it just isn't the same.I keep having these overwhelming urges to pick up the telephone for the customary talks.I know she said she would always be with us and in a way she is.But,selfish me wants her here physically-the healthy her i.e.I miss hearing her laugh and watching her eyes crinkle.I miss all the fun times we shared and God knows there were many.I miss the constant motivations,the letting me know that I was stronger than I thought when I was on the verge of giving up.I miss all the arguments and the endless chatter about any and everything.I suppose the finality is just setting in and am not liking it very much.What can a girl do anyway,but find some way of going on?

True, Kami, thats all anyone can do.
Time is a wonderful healer....I know what it feels like Kami!

As you say, just think of the good times shared.
Writing, talking.. just plain expressing your feelings is good medicine for your soul. Your blogger pals are here for you
Prayer may help, and some music.
How're you holding up today Abeni? In my experience the only things that work with grief are time and cherishing the memories. Your friend sounds like 'good people' she'd wouldn't want you to dwell on her loss.
Dorna,I think she may really say something like that.Today is not a bad day at all.
I feel your can be tough, but keep the faith that she's in a much better place!
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