Thursday, May 25, 2006



Remember when I said that one friend was dying and another was expecting a baby? Well,baby is here all 7lbs 13 ozs of him.I like newborns and what they represent and no I don't mean waking up at nights and the dirty diapers.For me newborns are associated with wonderful things like:

Unconditional love

Being the centre of the universe-at least for a while

Seeing everything as if for the first

Being warm,contented and protected

Most of all I like to look at a baby and see all the promise on its little face.I better stop before I get jealous:)

On another note some one in the workplace is getting on my last nerves.So far I have restrained my self but my patience is being stretched really thin.I wish I could give the details but self preservation is also an issue.Anyway,am heading out to fight my battles.

Just hold strong, remember a mild answer turns away wrath. And so does a good slap to the face.
No fighting on the job....they do allow shootings maybe? Tell them you related some postal workers and exhibiting strong family tendencies. Sorry not making light of your situation. hold strong and don't disgrace yourself. Not worth it.
Ah,sweet innocence. Don't let that co-worker get to you.
I did blog about co-worker some time ago. I wanted him to find that blog, the bastard. Suffice it to say he is no longer in the Caribbean region, and I hope he never returns, and I hope a billion fleas now infest his gall bladder and eat him from inside out.
congrats to your friend.

ignore the coworker as best you can
Don't let the co-worker cause you to lose your composure.
Oooo brand spankin' new baby - cool. As long as it's not mine mind. :P

The guys are right,no fighting on the job; but how 'bout some stealthy revenge? I know, I know - not the Christian thing to do.

@Ri: Man that's one impressive cuss you laid down there. One billion fleas? In his gall bladder even?
Hey, I want to know who Ri was talking about? Hmmm... what can I bribe him with? I wonder if it was the human spam?
Oh, and Kami, get a stocking mask and laywait the person out ah street and beat the crap out of them! heh heh heh... Of course, if you do this properly, they won't know who kicked their ass, so they'll still get on your nerves at work, but the pleasure you derive from putting some whop-ass on 'em will offset the stress at work still...
You do already sound jealous about the newborn. It's not that hard to get one you know ...

I can totally relate to the annonying co-worker. I posted about one of mine before. He's much improved now though I must say.
Girl,the responsibility is a little too overwhelming
Babies are the cutest. They're so innocent, I think that's what I love the most about them... they still don't realize the craziness that's awaiting them in the world.

... like annoying co-workers. Yep, I've had my share. Don't let him/her get to you!
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