Sunday, May 14, 2006


Happy Mother's Day

Today is the day we pay tribute to those persons we call mothers.Like most relationships that of mother/child can be rocky especially when we enter the teen years and start challenging everything.Then,nothing ever seems fair and you swear your mother is the "wickedest" person to ever walk this earth.But,you grow up and you appreciate your mother was setting boundaries for you as was her right.

When I think of Mother's day I think primarily of my grandmother who truly mothered me.When I was a child she had the warmest lap and I always felt she could make any problem right.It didn't matter if it was a bee sting or soothing some emotional hurt she always knew how to make me feel better.She taught me so many of life's lessons and for which am eternally grateful.She made me believe I was special and nothing was beyond my reach.She taught me it was okay to fall but that with each fall I must get up,dust myself off and continue.She taught me about love,forgiveness and not to harbour hatred.She taught me to share and to be aware of the less fortunate.I don't always get the lessons right but she always told me that one day I would.

And how can I forget the little things we do in our grown up life that were exactly like what Mom did.You know,things like putting Vicks on our chest as a cold remedy,or soaking meat in vinegar etc etc.These are the little lessons/legacies that make us remember our mothers no matter where we are.Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.

Making her a batch of breadfruit balls as I type.
I would love to taste breadfruit
balls sounds delish.Here by way
of leon,stop by for a visit.
Mothers are truly special...
Well said my friend!
Breadfruit balls dorna? That is a new one for me. Maybe you could post the recipe.
That was a beautiful way of putting it Abeni! Mothers are the best! I love my mommy dearly, I just hope I tell her often enough :)
Yes big up to all the mothers.
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