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Happy Birthday GHS

It was 95 years ago on May 8th 1911 that the Girls' High School opened its doors to its first batch of eager students.Now,the GHS uniform is the most coveted on the island.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Like most little girls I dreamt of donning the blue skirt,white shirt and the all important tie that set us apart from the Intermediate High.I think I knew the school song before I even walked through the school gates which highlights how badly I wanted to go there.

I still remember the joy I felt on beholding the Common Entrance slip which told me I was successful in my quest.It still ranks as the happiest day of my life.Truth is if I could bottle that day and walk around with it I'd be floating on air.

Today,I think of my alma mater as a grand old lady surrounded by thousands of her adoring offspring.Am sure she,like most parents would have watched us grow and wept for the many of us who strayed from her teachings.However,like most good parents she would have forgiven and welcomed us back to the fold.On the other hand am positive her children have brought her way more joy than pain.

Happy Birthday and continue doing what you do best.

This 'grand old lady' sure had a lot of kids. At 95, and counting, that's good. But the name Girls' High School sounds generic. Is this the only all female igh school on the island, and was it the first?

Oh, and my post for the 8th was at 11:19pm - just 1 minute after yours. Are we both late-night insomniac bloggers?
There are two all female high schools on the island.GHS was the first.Yup,insomniac blogger as well:)
Happy Birthday GHS.

I have similar feelings for my alma mater...The Blue and White (St. George's College) of North Street. We gone past 150 years already.
Hey, just popped in to let you know I updated my blog. I got some big news to share so check it out if you have the chance! Stacy
It's a beautiful thing to see a C'bean institution which has lasted this long.
Good going for an All Girls School. When I was a youngster in elementary school, I had such a dream of attending our elite HS. Queens College, same kind of blue & White uniform. Little did I know that it took more than a dream to attend, so I ended up at my zoning school with a sad face. Oh well.
"Today,I think of my alma mater as a grand old lady surrounded by thousands of her adoring offspring."

That is a beautiful sentiment, baby girl.

(I always wanted to go to a school that had uniforms! It just looks so pulled together. Yeah - I got issues!!! hahaha)
Awesome! No surprise you went to a prestigious high school though.
Congrats to GHS... only five more runs to complete the century. Sounds like GHS has had an excellent knock so far, so I fully expect her to make it... ;-)
the only genuine institution in the caribbean in the caribbean is the purple and white one. yah
jus kidding. haha.
Is that you in the picture btw?
Nah,not me.She too young for you though:)
nothing is wrong with intermediate high ...
Nothing is wrong with intermediate but u agree that with same skirt and blouse something sets the uniform apart
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