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Hundreds of Vincentians flocked to the Court House yesterday hoping to catch a glimpse of the man charged for the murder of Press Secretary,Glen Jackson.It was on March 6 that Jackson's nude and lifeless body was found in the backseat of his vehicle aparently killed by a single gun shot.

Since then the nation has remained in a state of uneasiness hoping and praying justice would be served.Colour me cynical,but I never held out much hope that anyone would even be charged notwithstanding the presence of the much touted Scotland Yard. I suspect far too may unsolved crimes were the factor that led to this mistrust.

Therefore,am happy that we are about to get some closure.However,I can't help but wonder if the accused who already has been tried and found guilty in the court of public opinion will get a "fair" trial.Given the smallness of our island I can safely surmise most of the potential jurors would have already formed their respective opinions.

The trial can get pretty embarrassing too if one is to believe all the stories circulating about the sexuality of the deceased.As for me am looking forward to knowing the reasons why it all came down to murder.It is also a bit sad to see a 23 yr old being charged.What another tragic waste of life if found guilty.Most of all I hope justice is served.

If his sexuality is in question....then maybe this was a love/hate crime.

The person who shot him had to be involved with him other than a political one.

I hope whatever justice is to be found will be found.

does your island have a death penalty? just curious, not that i think this guy or any guy deserves it. but yeah i can see how somebody can be guilty trying to prove innocents, especially if the deceased is a loved person.

also what's happening with that case involving the 6 year old boy being killed. update me if u can.

If your justice system is anything like Jamaica's, the poor guy is probably not even the guilty party. In Jamaica if a high profile case needs to be solved quickly some poor luckless man will be tortured to confess, and stuck with the crime for life. Hope you guys are above that down there.
If it was Jamaica you need not hope for justice, the killers almost never get caught in Jamdown.

Those homosexual relationships can end violently. It may have been a crime of un-natural passion. Just as is "alleged" in the Peter King incident.
Immigrant,quite a lot of people feel the accused is being used as a scapegoat.

Verse,last I heard tthe teenagers were charged.Will update you as I get more info
I hope justice is served too.
Wow, that's very interesting... I'm curious to know how the trial turns out. Let us know ;)
Always difficult to wonder what goes on in these alleged homosexual crimes of passion....

Regarding the Peter King one that Stunner mentioned, the videotapes seem to be heavily guarded, but rumours say that they reveal plenty faces in high places....that could be why they so kept under wraps!
Just asking, De Immigrant, can you point to more than three documented case where someone was tortured into confessing in Jamaica?
Not saying it has never ever happened, but do you think that is really the norm?
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