Thursday, May 11, 2006



It is that time of year when students are busy with examinations.CXC examinations are in full swing and prior to their commencement students celebrated their "last" school day.I observed the happy smiling faces and the shirts with colorful writings that adorned the backs of hundreds of this nation's students.

I smiled with them as it brought back fond memories of the excitement that I felt on acheiving the landmark.Many of those that started with us would for one reason or the other not have finished.Those of us who did felt relief and the thrill of moving on to a next chapter of our lives.Of course there was a bit of sadness too at leaving behind what was familiar for the past 5 or so years of our lives.

Now,that am a little bit wiser I feel a little bit of sadness for all the graduates whose hopes will soon be dashed.I want to tell them that contrary to popular belief there is no guarantee that doing well in exams will translate into employment.I want to tell them that the unemployment figures which they say are 20% but really feels like much more will soon be a part of their vocabulary.Still,I want to wish them all success in their exams and encourage then not to get disheartened when life is not as smooth as we would have envisaged back in secondary school.

I remember those days of CXC and GCE exams. It was indeed i milestone, a rite of passage into the working world or University. But also a crossover into the harsh realities of life.
I never worried so much about CXC. But I loved the last day in school. I transformed my school shirt into and autograph book and every body that I knew (and didnt know) signed on the shirt in markers. I wonder where that shirt is now.

I still have my graduation gown.... long story.
Thankfully I'm not in school this semester. I hope everyone passes and keeps the income to debt ratio LOW.
I can share in their joy. Exam done! As for the working world part, let them find out on their own. I did.
Yeah it brings back memories...

Not for me cause I left when I was 8 yrs old. But I remember the other's who experienced it before I left Barbados.

Just finished my exams on Weds. Best feeling ever when it's all over.
It is good to know that exams are over. But when the result comes out is a next thing.
It is summer! let us enjoy ourself and think about exams two months time. COOL
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