Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Daring Bank robbery

RBTT bank (SVG branch)was recently at the receiving end of a bank robbery.Apparently,a female employee walked out the bank with thousands of dollars(87 of them according to reports) and calmly returned to work the next day.Somehow,the bank caught on and the money was returned.The teller has since skipped the country before the Financial Intelligence Unit could complete its investigation.

I wonder why young people fall victim to these kind of thefts.I would assume the the temptation is great but more than likely you are going to be caught,face public embarrassment and loss of reputation.It just isn't worth it.

Guess what? The girl at the centre of the scandal is from the GHS alumnni.See what I mean about some causing the old lady nuff anguish.

Dat child ain't go no mind. What she go back de next day for? She shoulda be on de first plane out. Stupes.
Kidding. Just kidding. :P

Actually, we've had a lot of that sort of thing down here in Lucia. Doesn't even make the gossip rounds, far less the news, anymore.
Kami...its greed that fuels actions like these. And yes, the people who get into them deeds really fool!
Very sad. Greed. Have you got in touch with the young lady yet?
I'd imagine that she was in a really rough situation if she let herself be convinced that robbing the bank she worked at was the right thing to do. People are always looking for the easy way out of their problems... unfortunately, it's the easy solutions that are usually the illegal ones.
she real bold though, i can see the stealing business but coming back to work the next day, wow!
Hey, she won't be the last person from GHS to get in trouble.
Yeah dorna I would be on the first flight out myself:)

Yup,unfortunately she won't be the last to get in trouble.
I guess things were hard for her, or the lure of working with all that money took over her common sense!!!

WHY did she go back to work the next day...was it to take the suspision off of her??? Hmmmm one will never know the workings for the mind!!


She's quite brave to have gone back to work the next day. Well, I guess being around all that money each day got to her head, and made her wonder why she couldnt have any of it too.

But, it's not justifiable.
Wow, how bold! It may be a lot of money, but the disgrace isn't worth it.
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