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Condoms in schools

20%of live births recorded here are to teen mothers.Recently a survey indicated that by age 15 about 63% of boys had already engaged in sexual intercourse.I don't recall the statistics for the girls but it is not far from those of the boys.Kinda alarming,right?

Against that backdrop I was a bit surprised to hear the Minister of Education vehemently opposing the idea of condoms being distributed in schools.At least it deserves some thought rather than a blanket refusal.The fact is the children are having sex even though most parents hope they would wait until they are emotionally and mentally ready to deal with the consequences.The preferred message of abstinence is clearly not reaching the majority,so what do we do about them? Asking them to stop is unrealistic and unlikely which means they have to be channelled towards some form of birth control.Why not meet them where they are i.e in the nation's schools?

Mind you am not advocating condoms be distributed indiscriminately.But more a situation where youngsters can have access to them if needed.Of course they will be given counsel as well in an effort to point out the need for responsible behaviour.I figure it is a bit too revolutionary for some in our societies but these are desperate times.

What are your thoughts?

I wish more people thouht that way. I counsel a group of teen girls, so I know exactly where you are coming from. I actually had a mother to thank me for giving her daughter condoms when she asked me for them. But on the other hand, you have parents who refuse to roll with the times. I have also had parents come to me and say that I was promoting sex. So for me, it is a never-ending battle. I think they should consider this idea very seriously.
Its as simple as this: The Minister must be happy to accept the spread of teenage pregnancy and STD's. He (or she) cannot have it 2 ways. Either she wants to curb the pregnancies and the STD's or not. If any of my ministers state such a view I will personally ask for their resignation.
Those statistics are not very surprising at all when you have all these dirty old men in St Vincent running around and sexing up the young girls..
It would be interesting to see the stats for adult men to teenage girls relationships....
I fully support the view of distributing condoms to teens. Pre-marital sex, teenage pregnancy and the # of HIV/AIDS and other STIs are alarmingly high in teenagers. Counselling must accompany the distribution. It's a reality that we just have to accept.

There has even been recent debate by the Catholic church about the distribution of condoms.
i support it...it should've been done a long time ago...
Well you cant have it both ways. Either ramp up the abstinence conselling which probably wont work or say well if you cant abstain at least try and be careful.

lol, I keep hearing about these dirty old men in barbados too. there are dirty old men everywhere and willing young girls too
And don't forget theirs many cases of incestual teenage relationship in the caribbean too, which is worrying slept under the carpet.
You might expect that Minister of Education would reject the idea, but I expect change in the future. Imagine 10 or 15 years ago, I doubt any Minister would speak publically about an idea like this.

I found this blog while doing a google search for research on distributing condoms in the prisons. Sadly I don't live in svg anymore, but this a well written blog. Abeni, I will have to visit the site (and svg) again.

I teach in the United States (Texas) and have had a similar concern with our school district. I have not even gone as far as to suggest distributing condoms. I have simply suggested teaching something in Health and Biology classes other than abstinence, but alas, this is all our state law allows. So, while we look the other way, many of our students are getting pregnant.
If you are giving too much counselling along with the condoms, you risk the teens not coming in to get the condoms as well... They might just see it as pressuring... just something to think about.
I personaly think that teens have no business having sex (although I was guilty...but I was responsible!) But they are doing it, so i guess the most schools can do is to offer some amount of counciling and inform students about safe sex practices. although that might still fail to make things better.
reality is that the kids are exposed from an early age. No matter what we would like our ideals to be, reality is a diferent story. We need to examine the situation and fight accordingly and stop the "maybe if....." syndrome.
Okaaaay let's try to post this comment again...

You know the thing that gets me? This asinine debate has been raging from since back in the day when I was still in high school and it was my sexual behaviour which was at issue.

Now donkey years later it's still being dickered over. I say asinine because really, what's more important? Saving the kids' lives from entirely preventable diseases and the pitfalls of early parenthood or what? I say save lives first then worry about their souls later. And some honest parenting wouldn't hurt either.
his is so difficult. When my nieces were younger, I never thought condoms/any birth control should be made available. Friends of mine were getting their kids on the Pill and buying condoms & I was using the fear of a butt-whooping to hold my girls down. Nowadays, tho, I see that not every child can resist temptation. And sex doesn't just mean pregnancy, but AIDs and other STDs, so... I don't know. Glad I don't have kids in the house anymore.
Somehow, I think the act of condom distribution in the schools would be an implied encouragement of the behaviour of precoccious sexual intercourse among children.

In my opinion.
I completely agree with your suggestion. They should make the condoms available for those who won't make the effort to purchase the condoms themselves. I also think that, although they should have some type of counselling available to these youngsters, it shouldn't be too forced... that's the age where breaking the rules and opposing expectations is the "cool" thing to do.
No i do not think kids should be given condoms cause if a child dont have a condom he or she would not be having sexual intercourse.
I don't think that making condoms available means kids will have more sex and I think stats support that. Responsible kids will stay responsible and will not be driven to have sex because they have access to condoms. When I lived in st. Vincent AIDS and AIDS related diseases were a big problem with young adults. I think the island is in denial about this, and I think more than pregnancy, this should be a major concern for people. If young people can be educated to wear condoms, two problems would be greatly helped.
Yes, we hate the thought of children having sex, but you're right, as much as we hate it, it's going to happen so we might as well just protect them.
i agree!
it should have been done a VERY long time ago.
too many kids are getiing pregnat and getting AIDS.
I am a 15 yr. old girl and I believe that sex is an awful thing to do unless you are maried but if kids are going to have sex, this way they will know they can protect themselfs.
myranda butler is wrong i am a 16yr old girl and i believe that there is nothing wrong with it... sex is fun for everyone... got a problem deal with it!!!
Shes' super wrong about that!!! I have plenty of friends who are pregnant and they are pretty cool people! Its not awful! Grow up Butler!
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I think they should distribute condoms because some childeren are scared to ask their parents for stuff like that.
i believe that if children think they are responsible to go have sex then they should be responsible to go get themselves condoms!!
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