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Tight lipped takes on a literal meaning

BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) - A Serbian prisoner using needle, thread and safety pins stitched his lips and tongue together to avoid a scheduled court hearing in his robbery case, the Blic newspaper reported Saturday.

Zoran Raskovic, 27, in custody at Belgrade's central prison, is one of six people charged with a 2003 bank heist in the central Serbian town of Mladenovac, when the group allegedly made away with the equivalent of about $153,000 Cdn.

A prison guard discovered Raskovic on Friday morning after he had apparently sewed his mouth together overnight. The needle and the safety pins were likely smuggled into the prison, Blic said.

A prison surgeon was called in and removed the self-inflicted stitches, but Raskovic, who had lost some blood, subsequently was too weak to appear in court Friday.

Raskovic's lawyer, Sanja Radenkovic, told Blic she was "in shock" as her client had never been a "psychologically unstable" person.

"He likely wanted to protest the unfair length of his imprisonment pending trial," she was quoted as saying

He took the "right against self-incrimination" to a new level...
@Kaschief: Heh, you got that right.

But then again, maybe they should just leave him to it; looks like he's likely to come up with far more inventive forms of punishment than they could dream up.
mad sick head no good
Just discovered your blog. Appreciate the general feel of it and appreciate your stand in regards to relationships..

Warm greetings from a rather cold sweden!

How much is 153,000 Cdn?
Well bettea he do it tuh heself or de authorities.
Dey got a lotta wakos who does do dah foolishness all de time.
Now that is what I call taking things to the extreme!!


I can't even imagine doing something like that, for any reason.

That was just going too far!
LOL, that guy is seriously mental!
And they call ME mad!!!
"You have the right to remain silent....anything you say may be..."

Yes, plenty mad people about the place!
Simply make him give a written confession!
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