Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Panday jailed

I must admit to being really surprised that Basdeo Panday,Leader of the Opposition and Former PM of Trinidad and Tobago was handed a jail sentence for failing to declare his London bank accounts.According to news reports the accounts had around 10 million dollars.

I never thought I would see the day when a Caribbean Prime Minister is actually found guilty of corruption.Lord knows there have been many accused of corruption in high places.However,the practice is to have a host of enquiries(usually after a change of govt)and when all the posturing is done life goes back to normal.We may hear of the odd resignation but never of anyone paying back any money or worse going to jail.Mr Panday must be wondering if he really is in the Caribbean since the norm is that the laws only seem to apply to the poorer class.

I wonder if island states like mine will now hasten the introduction of integrity legislations.And more to the point will the persons who clamour for it be willing to walk the walk themselves? Will top civil servants,judges,magistrates,Board directors et al disclose their assets willingly? It seems to me that every time the talk of integrity legislation is raised most people think it has to do with politicians only.

Meantime,the Ottley Hall enquiry has suddenly aroused a little more interest.Is there a jail sentence in some persons future? So many questions,so little answers.

You never thought you'd see the day a C'bean Prime Minister was charged for corruption huh? You seem to be one of the few who actually trusts politicians. Disappointing Basdeo.
No,I never thought I'd see one actually found guilty and by extension jailed.
Now all they have to do is starting working their way up the island chain. Deh have plenty more dat need to take a good jail. Ah well, I can dream, no?
Yes, saw it and indeed said...well, well!?

I wonder if any of ours here who have wasted millions of public funds, and one in particular who lost over $40 Million that was put down to "youthful exuberance" are starting to have their conscience bother them. Wait? Did I say conscience? Is Politricks we a chat bout nuh!?
Did Dr.D just say conscience and politics in the same sentence... :S
I think I'll dream like Dorna
Yea, quite interesting news to read. But somebody gotta be made an example of and ah guess it's he. I doubt he'll do the full time though. I thought it was interesting that, he had that kind of money in his account to help fund his girls education and he din know....yea right?
To help fun his girl's education Camp? Is weh she a study so?
Funny thing is how he was saying the wife is the one who in charge of the finances.I guess that means he didn't know how much money was in the account.
I was shocked too. Seems like the jokers in Gordon House shouldpay attention and be a little scared. I wonder if he will actually serve the time though?

Chief Lymer
lets watch the proceedings in Antigua. you might see some big people donning the prison issue white and blue (or whatever the colours are......i forget).
Let's hope he won't get beat up in prison.
Panday going actual jail? chupse wunnah actually believe dat. just cause he sentence doan mean he bound ta serve time. ya no hear the man had umptee heart attacks and is 72 years old. man dem gine find a way ta finagle he way outta jail. watch n see.
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