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Open marriages/relationships

Image hosting by PhotobucketAm not sure if any of you have heard about Will and Jada Smith's open marriage.Here is Will's view point "Our perspective is you don’t avoid what’s natural,” the actor recently told a UK newspaper. “You’re going to be attracted to people. In our marriage vows, we didn’t say ‘forsaking all others’. The vow that we made was that you will never hear that I did something after the fact"

"If it came down to it, then one can say to the other, ‘Look, I need to have sex with somebody. I’m not going to if you don’t approve – but please approve of it.’"

And all of this is coming to light because Will admitted to having sexual feelings for Eva Mendes while filming Hitch.And to think people thought this was the ideal marriage-well it is if you into swinging.

Ummm..okay so I take it an open relationship is where each person is given a green light to have sex with who ever they please.According to the sexperts this is supposed to keep things fresh and exciting(um.sure)The pro open relationship parties will argue that it is better to know before hand than than finding out after the deed is done.(ummm.whatever)

It gets even better.The person who is stepping out probably swears to have safe sex and to be sure the other party probably watches to ensure the rules are kept.(um...freaky)

Best of all there must be no emotional attachment.I guess this means a lot of one night stands.right?

Maybe,it is just me but how sick is this? Am thinking of my group of friends and the likelihood of one mentioning that their sex life is dull and if as a favour I could sleep with her boyfriend/husband.Just the thought is enough to make me puke.But,let's say I agreed won't that mean the end of the friendship? Or alternately the conversations would be just out of this world.Call me old fashioned but this is way too advanced for me.Maybe,when I grow up some more I'll be totally accepting but in the meantime excuse me while I puke.

sexual felings for eva mendes but does that mean that he actually acted out those feelings?

i mean ok marriage aint mean that you are dead. you will be attracted to other people that goes without saying. however the open concept seems to defy the whole point of marriage. why not just be friends who live together and have a relationship but are allowed to date others.
two things i forgot to say (1) eva mendes is hot so yea i can see why will was attracted to her and (2) will and jada are a hollywood couple so dont expect them to have a normal realtionship.
No,he said nothing happened between him and Eva.And I expect married people would feelattraction for others but it is what you do with the feelings.This open biz is like eating your cake and having it still.
This is so not me. I am not into the swinging scene, but to each his own...
I personally am so emphatically against it. I really think there should be the treasured element of monogamy and some level of exclusivity in a relationship. But, if they feel that every once in a while they need to eat some "junk food" in order to stay relatively healthy, then that's cool. I guess maybe if it was any other way, they'd have broken up by now, because they would have gotten tired of each other. Maybe seeing other people once in a while makes them value and treasure each other more. You get what I'm saying....

I don't know how junk food came into my post somewhere up there... but mentioning it is making me want a Double Whopper right now. (Is this report of their relationship being open a facutal one? If so, I should try to get in contact with Jada Pinkett, and make her "Matrix" her way all over my body...)
Just when I thought they were the only rational couple in Hollywood. They sure surprised me.
Mek dem gwaan. Just hailin ya.
I don't get it either. Also haven't figured out how polygamists can make peace with that concept, as the women have to make peace with their husbands having several other wives.. call me old fashioned.
hmmmmmmm.....nice to know theres the possibility of Jada sleeping with me.:)

i'm dont think i agree with it though, kinda defeats the whole purpose of marriage, but different folks different that how it go?
Rumor has it that Mr. Smith is gay as hell and his boyfriend is Dwayne (surname??) Tisha Campbell's hubby. Jada is also a lesbian too and she has her lover. So all the open marriage talk is true but it eh have nothing to with the opposite sex! Eva is just a cover dahlings! hahahaha!

The gossip you hear about these ppl especially on NY radio stations is so wild that you sometimes have to wonder if any of it is true. Or agree with the axiom, that life is often times stranger than fiction.
I always thought that they were a gay couple, that got married to hide the fact.
Kami.....dem name celebrity.....dat 'bout sums it up!
It's all true... I've had sex with both of them...
i met a guy from webdatedotcom.. after entering a dating site i assumed he is either single, a widow or seperated.. when he told me he is married and in an open relationship i just find it odd that he forces himself to look for someone else when they would be happier bing loyal to each other..
I can see why our country is doing a downward spiral, we have totally lost our moral values. Do whatever you think or feel. Then when all hell breaks loose. Aids, STD's or any other epidemic outbreaks. (the consequences of our actions). God helps us right!!! Why do people tend to think Hollywood actors are true examples of a happy marriage?
I met Will & Jada at a party in downtown Buckhead near Atlanta. At first I thought they were very normal...but what started out as a normal luncheon, turned into what can only be described as a Whig revivalist virutal orgy. So many people want to suggest that Will & Jada are Scientologists...well the truth is, they are in fact Whig revivalists. Before 1900s, the Whig Party was a true force to be reckoned with in America. Among their philosophies, Relentless cornfield taxes, An end to All Avaition, A national Ban on fireworks, partial voting rights for the deceased, Horse tarrifs, and of course, open marriages.
When I first read the autobiography of Henry Clay, I almost vomited on the spot. Not only did the man sanction open marriages, he even went so far as to suggest that when a man makes love to his wife, he should not only do it in the presence of others, but charge a small tarriff, even to passers by and other onlookers. A troubling account of a pseudo brothel involving Clay and his wife and a young Crispus Attucks still haunts my dreams to this day. My point is, when an African American power couple gets caught up in Whig philosophy...well let's just say that swinging is the least of our concerns....
I really don't understand. Why do you even get married if your going to approve of your husband/wife sleeping around on you???? Wonder why the STD and HIV/AIDS rate is on the rise. I would be ashamed of myself bringing kids up in that kind of environment. They always say what goes on behing close doors others wont know. HAHA that is funny. You're famous how are you going to keep something like this for your kids?? Even worse explain to your kids the fact that they walked in on mommy/daddy having sexual relations with someone who isnt their parent.
Actually I believe if you do a little more digging into this subject Will actually says neither of them have acted on this but they will tell each other if they are interested in someone else this way. But make sure you look into his entire statement before you pass judgment.
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