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Just an update to let you know that my friend passed on this morning.Right now my emotions range from relief that her pain is over to sorrow at the loss.Even though I knew it was inevitable and I prayed for it to be over nothing prepares you for the hollowness you feel.But like R Kelly says "I know you're in a better place.And you know I can see your face.I know you're smiling down on me Saying everything's okay "

Abeni I am so sorry. We've been going on this journey with you as you shared this. We all hoped there would be a better ending. I just hope your friend lived a fulfilled life and could be happy. We all take life for granted until we lose the people that matter to us. My thoughts are with you. I hope you can get past the pain and rely on the great memories of your friend.
I'm very sorry for your loss. My condolences.
Sorry to hear. I know the feelings you are experiencing well. Dwell on the good times you had with her and you will learn to accept her passing as time goes.
My thoughts are with you.
I hope you'll feel better. Sorry to hear.
Hope she goes to heaven. Every human deserve to go heaven
I am sorry for you loss.
Sorry about the news. Just console yourself with the fact that she's in a better place.
So sorry to hear Kami, At least you got to spend some precious least moments with her. Hopefully she's in a better place and had made amends with her Master.

We'll pray for both you and her family.
my sympathies go out to you
Courage sister. My prayers will include you and your friend.
Sorry, I am truly sorry to hear about her passing.
Just spotted this post. Please accept my condolences.
Really sorry to hear Kami. Stay strong
I'm really sorry to hear it, but she's at peace now!
Very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.
sorry for your loss kami. you can take solace in knowing that she is in a better place away from pain and suffering.
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