Friday, April 14, 2006


Good Friday

Vincentians always welcome Good Friday with a bit of unease.It was on a Good Friday,27 years ago that they were awakened to the news that the volcano was making its presence known.

This Good Friday,I did not place the white of an egg in a glass,put it in a shady place and hope by day end it would take a shape that would determine my future.I didn't cut a peas tree hoping it would bleed,probably because there are no trees in my backyard.Am deathly afraid of snakes so there is no way am going to hunt down one and hit it with the hope of seeing its feet.Am not going to the beach today,not because I fear drowning but simply because I plan to go on Monday.

I did however eat some not too hot cross buns after coming back from church service.Later on today am going to eat the traditional Good Friday lunch which will be missing meat.I don't think I will be eating mackerel but definitely something in the fish family.

Oh,the funeral and wedding reception went well.I didn't feel the strain until the Thursday midday when tiredness overcame me.Here are a few pics from the reception.More will follow later.

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Looking good Ms Kami

Not much good Friday traditions here exept the cooking of fish.

I never heard of the snake with feet one though.

Enjoy hte weekend.
Enjoy your holiday
Nice pics! Now I get to see the person behind the blog at last!

Enjoy the weekend!
Nice pics. I took some whole fish down to my sister's house. She fried them up and we all ate it with harddough bread and butter... delicious. Nice family day...
Hi! Just popping in to say hello. Sorry I haven't been around much these days but I've gotten very busy. I have been thinking about my blog pals though. I am glad to see you are still blogging strong despite what you're dealing with. Sometimes it's interraction with people that helps us through the rough times. Keep blogging!
Wait, for those of us newbies, who are we looking at in the pics?
happy easter hot cross buns aint like they used to be. someone brought some for the wife and they were neither hot nor had a cross
Hey Kami! Lookin good! Hope you enjoyed the season.
Whats up Ms? I see you got some pic on here now. looking good. and yeah... you do be grinning ear to ear.

All are beautiful, babe. Which are you? I'm thrilled to know I can finally "see" my net kid!

Peace -
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