Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Congrats Sophia

Image hosting by PhotobucketHer name is Sophia Young and she hails from the town of Layou in St Vincent and the Grenadines.Last year she led Baylor to a NCAA women's championship but there was to be no repeat in 2006 as they were eliminated by eventual winners Maryland.Despite failing to repeat championship glory there was much personal glory for the girl from Vinci land.She was named the Big 12 Player of the Year,AP All-American First team,finalist for Kodak honors and Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll (4.0 GPA.)Became just the fourth player in NCAA history to post career totals of 2,000 points (Young had 2,480), 1,000 rebounds (1,316), 300 assists (303) and 300 steals (315) -- joining USC's Cheryl Miller, and Tennesse's duo of Chamique Holdsclaw and Tamicha Catchings during the New Mexico win ... Not bad for a girl who never played basketball until she moved to the US at age 15 as part of an exchange student programme.Prior to this she was an avid netballer who in 1998 led SVG under 16 netballers to a Caribbean title.But best of all,today the news broke that Sophia was the no 4 draft pick in the WNBA.Bye,bye college scene and hello San Antonio Silver Stars.Knock them dead,Sophia!

Big up to her, yes!
way to go sophia!

kami I think you should have learned to play basketball
I'm not sure if we have anyone from Jamaica going in the NCAA thing (which I dont even know what that is anyway). But this is as close as we'll probably come and the Caribbean is Jamaica too, so GO SOPHIA!!! Mash dem up!!!
I wanted to be a model:) But seriously I too small to be a basketballer
You go girl!
I went to Baylor!
I did a search on Google for "Sophia Young" and ended up on your blog. I enjoyed reading your comments on Sophia (Super Star !!). I stuck around for a while and read your other postings, which I found very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
big up sis keep on doing good and work hard
galatasaray won the european cup and she was the best player tonight i was in arena it was great time. Gooo Galatasaray Goo Sophia we love you!!
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