Thursday, April 27, 2006


Church and Condoms

It appears as if the Catholic Church is unwillingly being dragged into the 21st century.According to a news excerpt I heard on CNN the Vatican is discussing whether or not to relax their opposition to the use of condoms as a way of fighting AIDS.But before we get too excited there is a condition to it.The condition is that condoms could be considered a "lesser evil" if used by married couples when a partner had the HIV virus.

It may appear that this discussion stops short of combating the spread of AIDS.What about the unmarried persons who are not heeding the church's message of abstinence? According to the United Nations Population Fund, around 6,000 people between the ages of 15 and 24 catch the virus every day.So,when you consider the hardline stance the Church has on contraception then it is a huge concession that they are even entertaining the possibility of making an exception in their stance.

I look forward to Pope Benedict's ruling mainly to see if he would liberal enough to make a radical change in the way the church looks at sexual behaviour.Hopefully,am pleasantly surprised.

Don't hold your breath love. I hardly think a man who got nicknamed The Enforcer by his fellow cardinals is likely to moderate his views on pre-marital sex. After all, the wages of sin are what? You got it - death. It's a very straight forward outlook on things and the pontiff is nothing if not unambiguous.
Speaking of the Catholic Church in the 21st Century... the Pope has an iPod!!
"around 6,000 people between the ages of 15 and 24 catch the virus every day"

Are you serious? That is fair amount of number!!!!!
I have nothing good to say on the Catholic Church or the Pope (nothing personal towards him, I'm sure he's a nice man)... so mi nuh say nuttin.

Mi did look pon di pitcha dem, but mi nuh know which one seh a yuh (I know the very last one ISN'T you).
Eight years of catholic school helped make me into the staunch atheist that I am today.
That's very funny to me...

What's next?!?!?!

I hope you have a good weekend!

Here is the thing... all those people who are not heeding the churches teachings on abstinence, do you think that they are listening to the teachings on the evils of condom use? I don't think so! The people who are not using condoms are not using them because they are careless, not because some wrinkle-up old German man says they shouldn't. Das what I think, anyway.
Hey Abeni!
How's it going hun? I recentyl started up a new blog and have been looking for a link to your blog for the longest time! When I added in my blogroll into the new blog today, I was thrilled to find you in there. Hope you're doing great :)
P.S. I love that Mary J. Blige song
Just stopped by to say Hi. This is truly the signs of the times. It will get worse!
Benedict is likely to disappoint you Kami.

Much as I am a Catholic myslef, I have always disagreed with the church's views on contracption. I am a disciple for contraceptive use and safe sex! Far too many unwanted pregnancies happen and nuff people geting STIs and HIV/AIDS.
Benedict probably won't relax the Catholic Church's stance on the issue.
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