Monday, March 06, 2006


Year's first murder

Today,a long shadow was cast on the nation as the news of the murder of Press Secretary to the Prime Minister,Glen Jackson filtered into our consciousness.To say am stunned is to put it very mildly,infact I was moved to tears by the seeming senselessness of it all. A very popular media person who began his career in the early 80's at the Government owned radio station he went on to become one of this country's best media workers.

I am finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that he is no more.As a child/teenager I grew up with Glen Jackson on the morning show on NBC Radio and then as host of WE FM's popular mid morning talk show Shake Up.Always a fearless and forceful advocate for social issues whether it was organising marches against Cable and Wireless or petitioning Bob Dole re bananas he was a master at whipping up public support.

He used his Shake Up programme to endorse the United Labour Party and when the Ralph Gonsalves administration took office in 2001 he was named Press Secretary.As was to be expected he became more vocal in selling the party's policies and used his talk show to good effect.

So far rumours abound as to the possible reason for his death.I hope to God that it was not politically motivated as that is too dangerous a precedent for a little island like ours.Most of all I worry for the continuing disregard we are showing for human life and the way murders are greeted with a weary indifference.It is almost as if we are too tired to even feel outrage and instead accept them as part of living.

I hope the perpetrator/s are found and brought to justice but with the large amount of unsolved crimes still on the books it may not be a reality.Rest in peace,Glen.We will miss you.

Why is it that when you tell people that when it comes to crime they have it good they dont believe us Jamaicans?
Trust me, you guys better nip it in the bud before it gets too late. We are living the consequences of delayed reaction in Jamaica everday.
Another CHILD murdered
The thing is we can't use the JA comparison as that would make us feel even more complacent.A better yard stick is measuring where we used to be and what is taking place now.I remember the days when we would have 4 homicides for the year but 2004 had 26 or 27.For a nation of just over 105,000 that's alarming.
It was so sad to hear this. Thanks for posting this.
Real sorry about that. It's kinda like my post the other day about murders here in Jamaica. We hear it so many times that it doesnt phase us at all, and we become so desensitized and unaffected by it that we lose the sense of gravity and solemness that SHOULD be associated with it. But living in a country such as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, it is easier to see the real effect that any wanton murder has on the nation as a whole, by its relativity to the rate of murders in other countries, namely my crappy one...Jamaica. You are right in feeling that a comparison would make you guys feel more complacent, and as such, it is inappropriate. But I echo the thoughts of above, you need to nip it in the bud before the ugly monster starts spreading its seed. (Sorry to be so graphic.) I'm really sorry that that happened to SVG tho. I really am. Let's hope it wasnt politically motivated and that the murderers (and accomplices) will all be brought to justice. Keep your head up.
Sad to hear. But I'm thinking "How lucky are the Grenadians?" This is the first murder for the year. In JA, the first murder happened the first day, soon after the clock struck 12.
thats sad
Sorry to hear. All the Caribbean seems to be getting more violent nowadays, nuh true? (* shakes head *)
Sorry about the killing. You are not lucky because one killing is one too much. There is no acceptable amount - that might apply to war, not a country.
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