Thursday, March 23, 2006


Scary street

It's that time of year when school tends to be overwhelming as I struggle to meet deadlines.Yes,procrastination is my name.Anyway,I promise to catch up on the blogs this weekend.Until then I hope y'all stay far from this street

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Where was that sign? Florida or California? What were they thinking?
huh?....the authorities really allow that one?....
Oh my!
Oh my....WOW!

I hope things go good with school.

Have a great weekend!

Wow. (And am I mistaken, or is the cross street on the sign "Smoketree?" ...

School. :-) When you brought it up, I was beaming good thoughts to you & hearing the words to "I Can" by Nas. Hang in there, make us proud.

stop procrastinating and stop staying up to watch windies lose. gayle and lara will score centuries this weekend though and we will all say they are the greatest
No need to tell me twice.
Funny how it says that Broomrape Lane is a Dead End. LOLOLOL!! In that case, I'll skip Broomrape Lane and take a stroll over to Smoketree Avenue.

I hope you enjoy school. (Well, that's an oxymoron right there).
Broomrape and Dead End! Oh so ominous!
Hey A I truly understand! Everyone is busy these days. Make sure you come by my blogs. I put up my first ITL interview and I posted on my regular one! Love you!
just looking at that street name makes me want to clinch my butt cheeks.

Thats just plain creepy!
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