Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Saying Goodbye

Thousands of Vincentians today filed past the body of the late Glen jackson as he lay at the Peace Memorial Hall,Kingstown.Some wept openly as the reality that he was no more sank in,while others questioned who could have done something so evil.In a service that was carried live on radio and television the nation said goodbye to one of its favourite sons and mourned how much poorer we are for his absence.

The one thing that struck me was how much living he packed into his 44 years.With my friend being terminally ill thoughts of mortality have been swirling around in my head more than ever and I am forced to wonder what would be my legacy when I depart this life.I think I would be happy if it would simply say "she made this world a little better place".As I listened to the poignant tributes given to Glen I wondered if he even knew how much he meant to us or was it another case of giving praise after death.Somehow,I think he would have been taken aback at the very public show of grief.

I just hope we take the time to tell those we love how much they mean to us.I confess to being guilty of taking persons for granted and assuming they know how much I appreciate them.If you are anything like me,we got some work to do.

I feel you on that score....

I am also guilty of taking other's and my circumstances for granted!

I want to live my life to the fullest and there's no better time to start than the present.

Ever thought of giving your friend a Living Funeral? This way she can actually see and hear how everyone feels about and loves her before she actually passes. It is sometimes done for the terminally ill so long as they don't mind. Just a thought.
Actually,I wrote something about her that I want her to read but I don't know if she will find it morbid as I don't like to talk about dying with her.I guess I will let her decide if she wants to read it.
You have people to let know how you feel about them? Get to it honey, people can drop out in the blink of an eye... while you're at it, I probably have some work to do too...
Abeni, I understand what you mean about letting folks know you care for them. Perhaps it is something we may all be guilty of to an extent.

However, I feel that even though I may not express it in owrds all the time, the folks that mean much to e know by the things I do for them on a regular avialbailty to them in their time of need. Understand my point?
I used to be guilty of taking things and people for granted. Now, I try to let others know what they mean to me. It took the loss of someone very dear to me, to open my eyes. But believe me, I can see clearly now!
That so true...into my phone book I shall be going right away.
44 is such a young age, it really make you think of your mortality.

We are all guilty of neglecting to tell our loves ones how special they are to us.

I think that living funeral idea is a pretty good one, tell them how special they are while they can hear the words.

PS: jgzwipsz -- The Word verification has been killing me today
I agree that it's important to tell the ones we love them how much we appreciate them. We often wait until it's too late.
So true beautiful tribute. Does make you think...
My legacy? Hmmm. I'll be fondly remembered, that's for sure. Let's all pledge to say "I love you" to someone today. Deal?
You are so right about making sure we take the time to tell those we love how much they mean to us, because we just never know when it's out time.
Abeni girl I hope they find the person behind that murder I know what you mean about your legacy I want my son to have a better life thats why I work so hard and from someone who losed a dear friend only recently I have been busy telling my friends and family how much they mean to me of late.
We have to make the best of life and be kind to others because we never know when we will be gone.
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