Wednesday, March 29, 2006


An observation

Life can really have extremes.This evening I spent a couple hours with two of my friends.One is terminally ill and as I sat on her bed and talked to her I just wanted it to be over.From her house I went to pick up a pregnant friend so that we could do some baby shopping.This time the air was one of expectancy as we looked forward to the new life.It just struck me that by the time this baby is born my friend may not be around.There is a lesson somewhere in this-can't put it in words,but am sure you get it.

In the midst of life is death, a curse passd on to us by our foreparents.

Seems you posted the same post twice Abeni.
LIve you life for the moment and not for future or past :)
thats life for you
Life is a journey with a beginning and an end Kami. It is how you spend the journey that matters.
It seems that everytime something is taken from you, sonmething is given to you. Maybe it is meant for you to love this child with the same kind of love that you have for your friend.
It's called the Circle of Life Kami. Something we don't look forward to but must accept.
i always get nervous when a new life is born....death comes for some reason...but hey we better get right w/jeezus...
I have no words to help you with your pain. I do remember something my mother told me once about death and birth. She said that we should rejoice at the end to someone's suffering & feel hope for the newborn. The dying are leaving a world of the flesh & babies are coming into it.

I just pray that your heart copes as you deal with all this.

sobering thoughts there. but thats just how life go.
Free,you are right about the pain.I feel somewhat guilty for wishing my friend would die soon.But,I don't want her to be suffering so much and its worse when there is nothing you can do to make it better.By the time I cam ein my house on Wed night I was in tears and I didn't even know why I was crying.
Life is truly a rollercoaster of intense highs and extreme lows. We just have to be faithful in God's plan for our lives.
Circle of life babe.
Ironic enough, those are the only two things that are ever certain in anyone's lifetime - new life, and death. Sometimes, we're never prepared for either. Each has the effect of enhancing AND taking away an aspect of our life. The challenge is - are we ever really fully expectant of either? That may be the turning point as to how we are affected by it.

I think.
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