Wednesday, March 08, 2006


International Women's Day

Today March 8 is the day when women's organisations celebrate women and their achievements.We have come a long way from the days when women were denied to vote but there are still many issues that need addressing.It is easy for us who enjoy relative security to forget that in other parts of the world thousands of women face unimaginable horrors.Many are forced to undergo female circumcision and honor killings to preserve family reputation when they themselves were the victims of rape.

Anyway,I want to thank the strong women who helped to shape me.I speak of the women who showed me that it it was okay to fall as long as I got myself back up,the ones who believed in me when I doubted myself and the ones who loved me even when I was unlovable.I also hope that you honor and support the phenomenal women in your lives.

Happy Women's Day to all my sisters.

Happy Women's Day to you
It's unfortunate that so many women are still being abused and killed for stupid reasons.

Big up all the women all over the world!
happy womens day
Women Rule....
Well....actually...everyday is a woman's day. They make sure of it. :-)

Happy Women's Day
i know yawol sisters gone represxent for the world. keep it up hon and b safe
I'm late saying it, but since it should be for everyday: Happy Women's Day to all my sisters!
Salutations females of Planet Earth!
Big up to all the ladies, and especially to Natty, Mamacita, Natty's Mom, my sisters and so on... respect is due!
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