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With the West Indies cricket team having joined Zimbabwe and Bangladesh as the teams to have lost eight consecutive test matches it is understandable if cricket is the last thing you want to hear about.However,Cricket World Cup 2007 is almost upon us and the buzz is getting louder and louder.Here,in St Vincent and the Grenadines we lost out on our bid to host group games but as consolation we were granted some warm up games.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIn preparation for these games the main Arnos Vale Playing Field is being reconstructed as well as some upgrading done to the other grounds where games will also be played.I've heard figures as high as 57 mil(EC I hope)being bandied around as the cost for this renovation/upgrading effort.I think that's way too much money but that's a whole nother post.

Saturday night saw the Local Organising Committee's(LOC) official launch of the CWC-07 campaign at Govt House.Coming out of this launch was a call for volunteers to come forward to help make the Vincy leg a resounding success.I did a quick check and am articulate,know a little about cricket,police record is clean and I got a megawatt smile.CWC Vibes,here I come.

errr...arrr...hmmmmm......good morning :)
errrr...trying to say diss my smile are you :)?
Gwaan through ya Abeni. Do you thing. Just dont be too articulate, or they may want to very well just take the CWC from out of Jamaica here and put them in St. Vincent because of you. :-)

Tell us how it goes.

(By the way.... What love songs are you sick of??)
Glad to hear this is something that you're happy about! *smile*

I am not much of a cricket fan *gasp* and yes I'm from the islands! *smile*

I got hit in the eye with a cricket ball when I was little and since that incident I never went to another game!! :(

Wouldn't mind if they took the CWC out of JA. The population doesn't really care about cricket anymore. We only want the foreign exchange.
West Indies team played cricket??? Really?? I thought they only played "Makeanass" on the field!

The whole caribbean seems to be preparing for the world cip, preperation is in full swing here in Jamaica too.
Well then, I will see you at Arnos Vale next year then. SV&G is a definite stop on my tour of my home region during the WC.
K.Sick of the dependency syndrome love songs-the ones like unbreak my heart,die without you etc:).

See you in SVG then Googly
way to go girl, do your thing
oh yea I still need to do that cricket blog. I see you and dekks doing ya thing ll
I followed your instructions of how to make the juice last night. Success!! Thanks much! My belly and I are glad for your advice.

I used to despise cricket. Then when I went home (Jamaica) one year, it was the only thing on the one channel we could get...I was immediately hooked.
Cricket and specifically the West Indian variant has made me acutely aware of why some women mysteriously seemed to be hooked on abusive relationships. The truth is, no matter how much hurt the W.I. team brings me, I cant keep away.
Now that W.I. cricket fantaticism isnt fashionable anymore, its actually the best time for cricket from a fans point of view. Hear why - the only other people in the stands, sports bars or crowded around T.V.'s are real fans just like me.
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