Saturday, March 11, 2006


Child rapists

Just Wednesday I mentioned that women in some parts of the world still face honor killings and today I found this terrible story.Won't it have been more appropriate for the relatives to strangle the perpetrators of the crime if they felt someone had to die? But nooooooo,the little girl had to go-too sick!

Two boys aged 10 and 13 have been arrested in Muzaffarnagar on the charge of raping a 5-year-old after watching a pornographic film and police have launched a hunt for their father and uncle who allegedly murdered the girl.

The boys Vikrant, 10, and Pawan Kumar, 13, allegedly dragged the girl into a field near Bharsi village in the district after being incited by watching a pornographic film and raped her, Senior Superintendent of Police A K Sanger said on Wednesday.

He said they left the girl lying in an unconscious state and informed their father Chanderpal and uncle Baburam, who then went to the field and allegedly strangulated her.

The SSP said the boys had been arrested but Chanderpal and Baburam were absconding.

A case of rape and murder has been registered against the four under the relevent sections of the Indian Penal Code.

So they were trying to get rid of the witness or what? Boy, there are some wicked people in the world, aren't there ?
no words to describe that, its just ..... uhhh
The father and Uncle are fully to blame for the film, the rape, and of course the murder. CRAZY!!
That's just horrible! I don't even know what kinda a punishment to give those children. But they should be punished! As for the faher and the uncle, nothing but the death penalty would be suitable!
Okay it's bad enough we got adults raping each other. Then we got adults raping babies, now we got CHILDREN raping babies? What more can I say? How can I comment on something like this? Everyday something throws me off about this world and now I get to the point where I can't even be shocked anymore. Everything is so sickening right now.
Horrible. Just horrible. Just another realization that we live in a really messed up world.
I think modern day living breeds these mutants! Nutten more to say....
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