Monday, March 13, 2006


The Beauty Trip

A couple Sundays ago I was watching an old episode of 60 mins and one the features re plastic surgery caught my eye.Apparently,Thailand is becoming the place to go for all kinds of medical procedures as they along with India boast of top notch doctors at third world fares.So persons all over the world are combining their vacation time with a little scalpel time.

One part of the feature that caught my eye(no pun intended) showed a woman with very red upper eye lids and redness below and at the sides of her eyes.As I was carrying on a convo with a family member I was not sure if that was normal or was surgery complications.But either way it is not a side of surgery that is often shown since the tendency is to simply focus on the end results.

One time I saw an Extreme makeover where a woman dissatisfied with her large nose went in for corrective surgery.By the time the episode was finished the woman had about 10 other things done ranging from lipo,tummy tuck,breast augmentation etc.In short they decided to make her as close to perfect as possible.And therein lies the problem,the pressure is on to be perfect.

But what made it even more disturbing was seeing the woman's children in the audience sporting the same large noses.What must be going through their heads? I can almost hear them thinking that having noses that are not a certain size is the worst thing that can happen to a person whilewondering if Mommy will take them to have theirs done too.Or,even questioning if Mommy loves them the way they are.Seriously,in a position like that I would have serious self esteem issues.

True,we all want to look our best but at what cost?

i so love the fact u have ne yo. i love the song can't get enough of it. that surgery thing u wrote about is so true. What is perfect? i would be afraid to have ps because it can be very addictive. another thing is these people spend that money for the intial procedure but fail to realize they will need tune ups through the years. let me stop here cause i could go on forever. great site!
Many people get far too carried away with cosmetic surgery and 'perfection'....lots of them end up looking like disasters....massive augmented breasts that look like dem going buss....faces that seem under constant tension. I feel its an illness when they go to these extremes...and the surgeons that offer them these multiple proceedures are just grabbing for money!
not at the physical or financial costs of cosmetic surgery! i feel for those kids...
I live in California where in some parts it's consider en vogue to walk around sporting surgery bandages. It shows that you had some procedure done. It's truly sickening.
I think it is sad when people feel they have to change themselves. I wouldn't change anything about me.
It is kind of sad, huh? The pressure. Imagine what people are going to do when more things become possible??? I'll go as far as what I can buy over the counter, but surgery... Nah. No thanks!
I dont know Abeni. I find flat round noses very .. umm nice on a girl. Does that mean I always look for that in a girl I date? Does that mean I am one of the many who is fueling the trends. Some like pointy. Some big some small. I guess rather than criticising about this, we should rather try to educate. :)

I always wanted to change my teeth. Just never got the time. I guess when I get time I will fix those. See when one doesnt feel ok with something, it can adversly affect his or her emotions. But then there should be a limit. What you described seems more like other end of the spectrum
Usually costs me about $15 for a new thong...
Kami, don't get me started. If you see some of the things I see here in PS land of Caracas. The last woman I saw, I said that she should sue the Dr. and then only yesterday, I saw a young girl, with two coconuts that was so round, prouting and painfull looking. But she was proudly showing them off.
Do you know the girls here go as far as removing the two lower ribs to get that Barbie waist.
I've realised that Asian countries are performing plastic surgeries heavily now. In Taiwan, its as common as getting braces! And they all alter their faces to fit the Western model. Sad.
was reading just today that columbia is the place where canadians are going for plastic surgery these days
not at the cost off getting cut
Well, not at the cost of costy plastic surgery.

But then...if it was cheaper...thats another story.. :-)
Dear Abeni

Nice Post. Yes in India, most of the actresses has done the surgery esp' for Nose and other parts. I think if someone has money to spend and wants to look better then its fair enough.

Regarding "LUVIN ME said...
I think it is sad when people feel they have to change themselves. I wouldn't change anything about me."

I also dont want to change anything about me but if someone wants to then also its not bad. Whats sad about that, if someone wants to look beautiful and has money to spend on surgery there nothing sad and bad about it. Why being so judgemental. (No offence to anyone)

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