Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Wedding with a twist

Ever heard in the midst of life there's death? Well,am not even sure am quoting it properly but this story kinda makes it literal.This is just too morbid for me

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) - Daisy Judy and John Franko are getting married at the same place where they mourned the death of their spouses. The couple, both 62, selected Richards Raff & Dunbar Memorial Home as the place to get married.

They met there in 2004 while attending meetings of a grief-support group. Each was mourning the death of a spouse of more than 40 years.

"It sounds odd, but we've grown so accustomed to the place," Judy said.

Judy's husband, Joe, died about three months after being diagnosed with leukemia. Franko's wife, Kathy, had battled breast cancer for 20 years.

After attending the group meetings, the couple became bicycling partners and later passed evenings talking on Judy's porch.

"It just really grew from there," Judy said.

"We kind of are disappointed that we're not going to be attending the grief-support group, but we're not grieving anymore," she said with a smile.

The memorial home sounds like a funeral home to me. Well best of memories to them
That was kind of creepy. People do strange things.
Strange. Very strange.
To each his own I guess...certainly not my first choice.
a little odd, but it does have sentmental value though
I thought it was beautiful. Almost had me crying.
Interesting. I'm glad that they found love again.
Abeni I tagged u :)
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thank you
now that's kinda creepy...don't you think?...good luck to them
There are lots of weird people around......
kinda weird, but at least they are happy now!
They mussi did drink MPP! (mad puss piss) Anyway, whatever floats their boat...
Only in America!!

Hope everything is well with you, sis. Sorry I've been MIA... moving takes a lot out of you. And I got my internet hooked up today...yay!

God bless!
Love is always found where you least expect it. I'm glad they found happiness out of their sorrow. I like love stories :)
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