Friday, February 03, 2006


Thank God for cosmetics

Some celebs with and without makeup

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Left to right Alicia Silverstone,Drew Barrymore,Christina Ricci,??,Rachel Hunter?,Emma Thompson, Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts

Your first question mark is Daryl Hannah and the Second Amy B...(cyah remember he last name now) of Judging Amy
Oh, you are correct... it is Emma Thompson and not Amy...but maybe this is the first time I am seeing Mz Thompson with long hair.
You can also thank, great lighting, professional camerawork (as opposed to the paparazzi type shots in the first pics)and oh yeah, the almighty digital airbrush. THEN and only then do you have permission to thank the makeup guys? :D
I thought was Daryl Hannah but wasn't,how can I forget the real magicians:)
You not lying gurl...

Dang they look jacked up without makeup!!

This is why I do not wear makeup!!!

Wow, I always hate wearing make-up. Rarely do...but after looking at these, I'm thinking that maybe I should more often.
thats some craziness right there.
a Hot ass mess!!
Kathi I feel the same way
Thank goodness for makeup!... that's all I have to say :)
With Drew Barrymore, I don't think it matters, LOL! She's not the cutest person in the world to me. She used to be real pretty before her " drug " days. That's what drugs will do to you. I enjoy some of her movies though. By the way, tomorrow is my birthday.
LOL! Thank God for make-up!!!
Ouch.....they are....let's just say yuck.
doesn't it just exemplify how absurd the mainstream standard of beauty really is?
Alica Silverston :D She looks nice :)

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