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As much as I love my job the ever increasing violence has brought me to the point where am wondering if it's worth it.The truth is when I enter a classroom or the school compound I instantly worry about my safety.I feel as if am going to war minus arms which makes me real uneasy.That,my friends is the result of having witnessed one too many guns,one too many stabbings and other related incidents of violence on the job.

The question on everyone's lips is "what has accounted for the breakdown?"According to who you ask the blame is laid squarely at the feet of teachers for being incapable or unwilling to discipline the students.Others blame society,the church,parents,television etc.

I submit that the breakdown originates in the homes of these children.Now,am by no means absolving the teachers et al since ideally everyone should work towards a common goal.However,from my interactions with some parents it is obvious that too many have abdicated their roles.Far too many are more concerned with being their children's friends rather than being a parent.Small wonder then that no one wants to make the unpopular decisions.Instead we have children going their merry way and doing as they please.

Anyway,am amazed and often saddened at the behaviours I see exhibited.It appears as if a whole generation is being lost and all we can do is watch helplessly.Yesterday the tension at school was so high that you could cut it with a knife.Finally,am beginning to understand how distressing our own actions must have been for our elders.After all here am I in my mid twenties and being nostalgic for the good old days.Who would have ever thought it?

I hear you Kami...hang in there.
if its to that point, I say start looking for something else to do. One can live with typical stress on a job cause well most jobs involve some aspect of that but when you starting to get fearful I think its time to move on

Ok maybe some will say its a cop out and you should stand and fight and try to make a difference but let them chat cause if a student attack ya or something so is you alone dat bearing the brunt of that.

anyway hang in there sis, i dont want to hear about anything bad happening to ya.
Nostalgia. You're getting old babe. LOL. Parents nowdays refuse to punish their children, then wonder why they run wild.
Lol,don't remind me about getting older! Just yesterday I was a lil 16 yr old
I agree wholeheartedly about the problems associated with parents being "friends" and not parents to their children. I also think there is a big problem with responsibility. Kids don't seem to want to face the consequences of their actions--and no one (read: parents) seems to be forcing them to. Hang in.
Wow, is it that bad? In St. Lucia? Crazy!
And here was I thinking is only Jamaica we have this problem! SVG gone bad as well?

Sorry Kami, the yute dem rotten nowadays. And, teachers are not to be the parents... many of whom play such a marginal role in the raising of children nowadays!!

I agree with JDid, is time to start sending out resumes and look suppem else. Many o dem school man and woman is young murderer!
wow! i had no idea that it was that bad in St Vincent! Thought is only in Jamaica that those things happen.
I feel your frustration. Fresh out of college, I worked at a school in deep East Oakland (Similar to Kingston, but the houses are better). When one of my students got shot, then mauled by a dog, I got out...QUICKLY.
I hate it when people blame teachers because my mother was a teacher for years and it's not always the teacher's fault. Sure you got some lazy teachers who don't care but a lot of them do. It's hard to be a teacher when you got parents who don't care enough to discpline their own kids or help them with their homework. Then you have a sorry administration who blames the teachers when they aren't even doing their job. Then you have sorry school districts who do nothing but soaks up all the money. They give the money to the schools that don't need it and never the schools that do. It really burns me when people always point fingers at the teachers. Do they realize how hard that job is? I was there when my mom came home stressed almost every day in her last few years before she retired. It ran up her blood pressure terribly. So I know teaching is a hard job and people need to give them more respect.
I used to teach children in special education. Specfically emotionally disturbed children. I remember how, once I met the parents, I understood WHY and HOW these kids came to have these behavior and emotional problems. I agree with you.
And here we were thinking is only people with bad economy who end up in dem situation here (read Jamaica).
It seems like you need more than a good economy fi avoid certain tings.
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