Wednesday, February 01, 2006


R.I.P Coretta Scott King

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They say a picture tells a thousand words and there ain't no denying the grief captured in this one.I have always looked at it and felt the woman's pain as she sat at her husband's funeral with her children beside her.

Mrs King stood beside her husband during the turbulent civil rights struggle.His death in 1968 did not deter her from continuing his non violence campaign and in the subsequent years she kept the message alive while raising her four children.She also pushed successfully to have her husband's birthday recognised as a national holiday.

Rev Jesse Jackson sums it up nicely."Like all great champions she learned to function with pain and keep serving," he said, adding: "She kept marching. She did not flinch."

R.I.P. Mrs, Scott-King
May she rest in peace.....

Martin and Coretta can now be together!

Bless her heart. We will surely miss her.
Well I'm sure she is at peace. I caught a part of Jimmy Carter's inmterview w/Larry King on CNN. He had some real kinmd and truthful words to say about her efforts and his winming the election! R.I.P.
She will be of this world's better people.....
Wonerful post, sad event. I've got a post on her death as well.
Good post. Hopefully the children will find common ground now.
Beside every strong man is a strong woman. She like her husband did a lot for black people.
Yeh, she deserves some big ups!
Yes Abeni, Correta's passing has left a strange hush over the ATL. Her funeral is about 15 minutes from where I live and all the schools will be closed that day so the children can attend. It's like the last of a civilized and peaceful generation has left us.
Had one opportunity to meet her, but it was in an emergency room at a local hospital, and she (and I) were pretty much pre-occupied with the emergency at hand. That was back in 1994, I remember her having a sort air of calm and control around her.
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