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If you are thinking the title of this post has something to do with Jah Cure then you would be partly correct.Over the weekend I received a letter from an inmate and as I read it I couldn't help thinking he obviously has been listening too much of Jah Cure's song.

Call me cynical,but when parts of the letter are lifted straight from the song then thoughts about his genuineness come to the fore.Right now am faced with making a decision because apart from apologising for his crime he wants me to come and visit him.

Truth is am so repulsed by his crime-robbery and rape of woman old enough to be his mother that part of me wants to distance my self.The other side while terribly disappointed with his actions still has a teeny soft spot for him.Maybe,am really a sucker for a sob story or I believe in redemption.The jury is still out but in the meantime what's a girl to do?

This one has been saying 'hmmm' as well....
Don't be too hard on inmates. People can change.
Quite the dilemna you have there. I can understand why you are conflicted. Rape is one of the most terrible crimes a man can inflict on a woman and then there is the spiritual aspect... To err is human, to forgive is divine... Somewhere the book says forgive your brother seventy times seven times. Good luck with your decision. Whatever you do will be the correct decision.
The same Book also says that a foolish man continues to put himself in a bad situation. Pray about it and the answer will be forthcoming.
That is a tough situation. But I say, give him the benefit of the doubt. Like Leon said, people do change, and sometimes all it takes is a little bit of faith and support to encourage them to become better. It's your call Abeni, so make sure you think things through completely before committing yourself to anything.
there is nothing wrong with being cynical
A lot of persons seem to be influenced by the songs of Jah Cure.

I guess it's only natural to be skeptical based on the nature of the crime. People can change... or pretend to change.
So how did he get your name anyway?
MB,I knew him before he went to jail
I see... So, how come he did it? Was he cracked out or what?
He claim bad company-yet to hear abt the drug influence
Tough one. Were you very close to him? Do you think he's reformed? To err is human, to forgive divine. If you can be comfortable with him a part of your life, don't push him away. But, if not ... you know what you need to do.
Not very close.I don't know whether or not he's reformed-seems like saying the right things.Don't want to push him away totally but visiting seems too intimate at this moment.
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