Friday, February 10, 2006


Red and White Day

Well Valentine's Day is almost upon us and the usual arguments are raging re the usefulness of the day.Here's an interesting excerpt from an article I read online.

Most women I know couldn't forget about the existence of February 14 even if they wanted to, regardless of whether they happen to be alone or in a couple. Most men, on the other hand, wake up on February 14 thinking, "Omigod! I haven't gotten a card yet!" In fact,I read some study that estimated that roughly 86% of men don't think ahead when it comes to Valentine's Day.

How can this be? you wonder. After all, starting in late January, the world is knee-deep in glossy red hearts; candy stores lob chocolates at your head as you walk by; and you can practically buy a sappy card through your ATM machine. So why are most men oblivious to V-Day until the very last minute?

Any of you gentlemen want to take a shot at this? Ladies,you can chime in as well

Valentine's Day?? A wah name so?
Hmmm. I have no clue why men do the things they do...
welllll....its probably the same reason why soo many men leave xmas shopping till after work on the 24th. :)
finally Karl leaves me a comment.)
Omigod! VDay is here ..I havent gotten anything yet. :P
i just ignore its existance although i had to buya birthday card the other day and when i walked into the store i was bombarded by pure red and white
Ah Valentines Day, another day of commercialism! I usually like to surprise with a gif, but on Valentines Day there is no surprise as the person is expecting to get a gift. As for waiting until the last minute...that's just common human behaviour.
Oh.. thanks for reminding me. Better deal with it soon, eh?
When is it again?
That is a good question. I think the answer is that they don't pay attention. They often miss out on details because of their lack of attention to many things that have to do with their relationships.
Last minute shopping brings pressure to produce. I do my best work under pressure!!
The day doesn't have the same potential problems for men. If a man doesn't receive a card or anything, it's not a big deal. For even the strongest of us women, I think it's always at least a little disappointing not to get a flower, call, card - sumthin!
men ar obvilious to Valentines as they are to anniversaries, b-days and everything else that involves buying something for women.
i dont think we're oblivious to special days. For the most part we just hate shopping period. how many men do you see at a mall happily skipping from store to store with shopping bags?
Abeni, men are pitiful! They forget most of the holidays except Christmas and Thanksgiving. And don't dare expect them to remember a woman's birthday or an anniversary. They could have the date tattooed on their foreheads and they would still forget! Tomorrow you'll have about 8 million men going around, " I didn't know it was Valentine's Day." Makes me glad I'm single. I don't have to worry about reminding someone who won't remember anyway, LOL!
I think like Christmas, Valentine's Day is a waste of time and also a way for the stores to make money off of us!!

Now don't get me wrong, I would not be dissapointed nor would I refuse if I received flowers, candy, jewelry, or a teddy bear....or all the above *smile* but to me it's just another day!

Bday? Woah... nah.. My love is libra..hence.. it still a few months for her bday.. phew! :D
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