Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My Valentine wishes

Today I wish for a world where HIV does not seem to be winning the war

A world where vaccines could be found for bird flu,HIV and a cure for cancer

A world where children do not have to fend off sexual advances from the ones who should be their protectors

A world where every child would never know hunger

A world where faminine,hunger and disease are things of the past

World Peace

A world where aid reaches the suffering people of the world

A world where persons are not discriminated against because of sex,religion,sexuality,wealth or class.

A world where you get more love than you can handle

Happy Valentine's day y'all.

This was very beautiful.

I wish these things were a reality as well. In a perfect world it would be.

But our reality is more scary....

Great post!

ugh you're gonna make me say it again....Happy Valentine's Day! Yuck!! *smile*

Lol,I want you to say it all day:)
that would be the best v-day ever! hope those wishes come true!
you got a lotta high hopes...i like that..that would be a great v-day...hope a lot of it comes true....happy v-day..
Wow. Some high hopes there. I doubt they'll come true, but why not dream. happy valentine's day.
those are good wishes. Happy valentine's Day to you too.
Happy Valentine's Day Sistah!!
Hope your wishes for the world become a reality
Hope your those wishes come true!
Abeni how beautiful it would have been to live in a world where persons are not discriminated against because of religion. *sighs*
Abeni, that sounds more like Heaven than Earth. You know how they say be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it? Well, be careful... ;-)
Well MB I would settle for a few from the list.But a girl can dream,ent:)
With posts like that, everyday would Valentine's Day!
I go to this one a little late, but I loved it. You got the heart of a true woman.
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