Monday, February 20, 2006


And now a gas war

If the multinational group Texaco has its way then the price of a 20 lb cylinder of cooking gas will increase by thirteen dollars.I have not heard any mention of the proposed cost for a 100lb cylinder but am sure an increase is also on the cards.

Now,eveything has come down to a deadline of Feb 25th with Texaco threatening to withdraw sales if they do not get their asking price.On the other side of the debate is the Govt who has asked for the justification in the proposed hike.Already,the man on the street is crying out about the exorbitant increase and contemplating a return to the coalpots.

I wonder if the Petro Caribe gas that came in from Venezuela a few days before elections is a factor in Texaco's stance.Those cylinders were retailed for $25 as opposed to Texaco's rate of $30.Unfortunately,there has only been two shipments and not even enough to begin to cover this country's monthly usage which stands at 20,000.Additionally there is no filling station if the gas from Venezuela was to seriously compete with Texaco.It really does look as if Texaco is holding much of the aces.

They say uneasy lies the head that wears the crown and PM Gonsalves must be feeling some pressure.In the 2 mths of his new term there has been the predictable rise in gas prices which has set off calls by the Minibus Assoc for a hike in bus fares.Let's not forget the steady rise in the cost of living and somehow he must avert the cooking gas threat without causing too much financial pressure on his constituents.At this point I surely won't like to be his shoes.

The 'Gas Wars" are getting out of hand. It's crazy how no matter where you live, you are affected.

Is it just me or do you love it when they go down on you, but just when you feel it getting good they go back up. Darn gas prices!
~shaking my head~

I'll keep you posted
Gonzy needs to go and have a seious talk with Chavez to get you guys a sweet deal like he gave JA!
Monopolies are the worst!
Our gas prices have been out-of-this-world as well. It's true though, people have no choice but to pay whatever the asking price is. It's in sitations like this that competition works best. If Texaco's sales go down because competitors are offering lower prices, they'll be forced to lower their prices as well to get back into the market. It's obviously easier said than done, but it's so important to get things under control before they get way too out of hand. Our prices in Canada have begun to lower a little bit... they could still use more lowering though.
Ms Luvin.that was some double meaning post true about monopolies.they ride all over us
Our petrol prices have gone down a bit recently.

I haven't noticed any change in cooking gas prices...they staying high.

it is the times in which we live Kami...price hikes....and fuel is just one of the things that is sure to go up.
Sad. The govt's & corps all over the world are just like pimps.
If I were you, I'd just return to using coal.
I don't have the luxury of cooking with gas, anyway, I wonder what is the approach that leaders must take in a free market economy? What can they do to control the prices at which private companies sell their product apart from encouraging true competitors to come one board.
gas war is killing us slowly...and looks like we losing more ground daily.
Great post as always. You hit the nail on the head. I can't even focus on all the stuff that's going on with the world and money these days. Who knows what will happen? I am on a little hiatus from posting on my blog but I had to check in with you, my girl. I changed my blog. Check it out. Yep, got bored with the other one. LOL! You know I get bored easily plus I try to change every few months.
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