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The year in Review

For me Hurricane Katrina and the Asian Tsunami were the news stories of 2005.I looked with shock and awe as the tsunami waves crashed into the land and forever destroyed the lives of those in its path.Hurricane Katrina was so disturbing that after a few days I just couldn't bear to watch the suffering caused by the mishandling of the relevant authorities.

Natalie Holloway-The story that just would not die until another girl named Katrina took the spotlight.

George Bush was returned to the White House which caused a lot of sorrow and anger in the blog world.

Pope John Paul II,the most visible Pope ever lost his battle with ill health

Michael Jackson's much publicised molestation trial ended with a not guilty verdict

Terri Schiavo brought into focus the right to life debate.

London's transport system was rocked by several explosions

The death toll in Iraq continued to pile up and more opposition grew to this war

West Indies cricket was plagued by contract dispute which saw several top players being omitted from the test team.Despite all the off the field drama Brian Lara became test cricket's highest run scorer.

England won the Ashes

Luther Vandross,Pat Morita,Richard Pryor,Ossie Davis went to the great beyond

Asafa Powell Of Jamaica set a new world record in the men's 100 metres sprint

The word "petro-caribe" was on the lips of many West Indians

These were the stories that caught my imagination in 2005.What stood out for you?

Let's see... Rosa Parks, global warming, the South Asia Quake...
Decent round up of '05. I plan to do one too.
Glad to see your still here; Happy New Years!
Yep 2005 was unforgettable. I hope that 2006 will be better. I am staying positive but we've already had one tragedy with the miners killed in the mining accident but hopefully this is not a sign of what 2006 will be like.
Ooops-I forgot Rosa Parks
I agree with yours, actually.
The biggest thing in 2005 for me was....

All the divorces that happened in Tinsel Town!! So many stars got was like an epidemic! Marriage seemed like it was nothing to these people..and some people that we together for a long time.

BabyFace and his wife *wow* that one surprised me a lot.

I know that's not as gritty as all you listed, but to me it seemed like a lot. *smile*
Actually, the miner tragedy is a rather small mishap. Check it out, down in Jamaica, 6 people's lives were snuffed out in under 9 hours. That just under half the number of miners. That is a kind of ordinary event to me. Not just because it makes the U.S. news is it a "tragedy". I mean, its a tragedy for their relatives and so on, but... The tsunami and Katrina now... those are tragedies. The flooding in Belize... There were a couple of plane crashes over the year too, were there not? I think one had more than 150 people who died.
6 murdered in nine hours in Jamaica...
"shock and awe".. this phrase is gaining popularity day by day.

What stood out for me .. well the stories that were not shown in our media .. u know the rest of the story !!

Yup .. England won the Ashes series .. was glad to see that.
Pretty much your list covers more than what I remember.
well for me it was local news with all the gun murders in Toronto.
The abundance of natural diasters around the world. Something that really had me thinking of the end times.
yep we lost a lot of great ones august wilson, c d. Tucker, rosa parks
Anne Bancroft, Katrina, earthquake in Pakistan, tsunami, the movies (of course) and the revolving door of marriage and divorce in Hollywood.
Too many natural disiaters, too many murders! I care to remember none of it.
How about Bangladesh defeating Australia in cricket? ok ok I am a fan of Bangladesh cricket team. Shameless promotion hehe
Wow, a lot happened this past year. I hope there are many more great events and many less disasters in 2006. Happy New Year Abeni!
The Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Terry Schiavo case rocked me the most!
2005 was definately a year for the history books. I will comment on those damn hurricanes, kept me on the edge of my seat and bruk mi pocket with all the near misses. What will 2006 throw at us???
Hi ##NAME##. I don't normally bother with comments but feel a little bored today and am trying to waste a little time. I was just surfing around the net (actually looking for info on airplane crashes) when I came across your blog. Just wanted to let you that I've gone back and read through some of your past posts. They caught my interest and I can relate to a quite a bit of what you say. So keep it up - I guess.
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