Thursday, January 26, 2006


The missing glasses

Since I have started back wearing glasses it has been quite the experience.When I say it's a whole new world it is not an exaggeration as am seeing so much more clearly now.

That aside I keep leaving the glasses in the most unlikely places resulting in me feverishly trying to retrieve them.How many places can one lose a pair of glasses you may well ask,

Well Tuesday as I was getting ready to leave for work I couldn't locate them and quick checks in the bedroom,bathroom,living room and kitchen were fruitless.Not wanting to waste anymore time I decided to head out and conduct a better search when I returned.

So it's evening time and after literally exhausting myself on the search I concluded that they were lost.It meant that I would have to buy a new pair or arouse some person's sympathy enough so they would do decide to make me a gift.At this point I was not a happy camper at all.

Anyway,about half hour or so after mentally contemplating my options I decided to go to the freezer for some ice.Voila! There sat sat the pair of glasses,literally chilling.


You have got to be kidding me in the freezer!! *wow*

Keep them on your face that's where they belong....I myself have lost mine a few times, but guess where they were.....on my damn face!! *smile*

How's that for absentminded and silly!!

LOL!!! In the freezer, of all the places!
What an unsual place to loose your glasses. What were you thinking in the freezer?
The freezer?!? That's hysterical.
Craziest I have ever done was the car/house keys in the garbage bag in the kitchen... and it wasn't empty... had to go thru everything to find it. Ugh!
Hahaha.. you need to get a pager for that thing ...those like what you have on handsets of portable phones. :D Or maybe you need a chain from which to hang them around your know like the ones those matronly headteachers used to wear in the 60s-70s :lol: You will be considered "retro"...hehehe..girl just kidding wid you and your majorly chilled-out spectacles. :D

Seriously you may need to see if you can't insure them ...if you absolutely must have them to function properly..that way if they break or really get lost you afford an almost immediate replacement.
lol, how did that happen?!
I know what you mean about the world being clearer... I didn't realize how bad I was seeing till I got my first pair of glasses. Who would've thought that license plates are actually made to be readable?!
Dekkah,I have been offered a chain attached to the glasses by you know I will look like a real nerd with a string trailing down my back:)
Let's say you have a cool pair of glasses :D
Wow, in the freezer. Well there are worse places you could lose them.
That is really 'kewl'!
Oh, I've been there!!!

I leave my glasses underneath my pillow every night, so I can retrieve. It's the first thing I do when I wake up. I once lost my glasses in the freezer too-But I was a bit lifted from eating magic brownies...
freezer? ok thats strange lol
Girl I've done that with the house keys now its one of the places i check when i am missing something.....enjoy your weekend.
Ok, I'm gonna assume that you took them off because the cold air from the freezer was fogging them up so you couldn't see?? Why don't you get one of those cool strings to keep it around your neck? Kinda not a great fashion statement but you certainly won't lose them as often if you do that ...
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