Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Just when you thought

that you've seen everything,along comes this

Image hosted by

Heh, it could have been worse, he could have got it tattooed on his ass.

On a related topic, here is a flickr set of people's reactions seeing goatse for the first time.
ok then........
That Flickr group made my day. :)
Well the goatse is def not pretty:)
WTF is that?

OK, he just look wrong...
Another sicko!

Bah, looks like a photoshop job, frackin' wanker coulnd't afford that.
Doopy is famous
i suck lol
Nah it's 100% legit. I actually know the tattooist who did the work. Excellent job imo.
Agreed, I would like to tattoo one on my ass If I could.. except it would be my ass, then perhaps it could look even more real... except It would be real. I would want A3YearOldGirl's hands in the picture. If thats ok by her!
I have never seen so much gay in a blog...
this is awesome give us greatly knowledge.thanks for sharing and would be nice wait for next posting
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