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Golden Globes

Did anyone besides Cinefille watch the Golden Globes? I didn't get to watch the entire show but the BBC World newscast updated me on those who ended up in winners row.

As expected Brokeback Mountain-the story of two cowboys and a forbidden love came away with the major awards.Apart from that Felicity Hoffman shed her desperate housewife skin for a transsexual role in TransAmerica and came away with a Best Actress award.Not to be outdone Phillip Seymour Hoffman won Best actor award for Capote who just happened to be gay.Notice a pattern here?

Without a doubt gay themed movies are getting recognition in Hollywood and probably changing the way we look at situations.I definitely remember empathising with Tom Hanks's Oscar winning character(gay man dying of AIDS)in Philadelphia even though at that time I wasn't too comfortable with the lifestyle.By the time the film was finished the sexuality of the character was all but lost and the important thing was life and getting by.Am very interested to see if the Oscars will follow the same pattern.

And no mention of the Globes is complete without a mention of fashion.Am just too lazy/tired to go searching for all the dresses that caught my eye.So I'll just post one that I absolutely loved.Here's Keira Knightley looking simply beautiful.
Image hosted by

On the flip side Mariah Carey's dress looked awful with that big bow to the top.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOops I almost forgot S.Epatha Merkerson aka Lt Van Buren from Law and Order won best performance by an actress in a TV miniseries or motion picture for Lackawanna Blues.Saw it,loved it and was delighted for her.And while am on the topic of Lackawanna Blues I must say how good Terrence Howard looked.I think am giving him best dressed man and thus ends my stint as fashion critic until Oscar Night.

nah didnt watch the awards...rather was busy exploring some real exotic blissful islands in bangladesh :-) loved it
Mariah is proof that money cannot buy fashion sense or class. But baby girl can still sing her impressive butt off.
I've noticed the trend too. I didn't watch it, but it looks as if it was quite the show.
Finally figured out who is Shaggy and I thought you had deserted me:).

Sable,she sure can sing but those clothes! What happened to your blog?
I agree with you on Keira Knightley's dress it was beautiful...and she looked radiant in it!!

I watched some of it didn't know it was coming on....found out be accident while channel surfing! *smile*

Didn't see the show. Mariah can sing but she always seems to come off as tasteless when it comes to clothes.
Never saw it, but then again, me nuh really watch TV.

Yeah, Mariah nuh too hot pon de dressing...but she still sings well.
Oooooo girl, Terrence Howard did look sweet! However, he did not look at good as my main man Wentworth Miller. I'll be posting up a massive Wentworth blog soon.. stay tuned for sweet pictures.

Meanwhile, check out this gorgeous side by side of these 2 delicious men..... :D
No I didn't watch the Golden Globe awards.

There just had to be some gay movie in the mix huh! It seems ther are trying to force this lifestyle in our faces. In fact that's just what my latest post is about.

Maria looks damn good in that photo!!!
I watched, but I wasn't that impressed by the overall fashion. It was just kind of blah. I thought Kiera Knightley looked great and you know I don't like such pale colors on pale skinned folks, but she pulled it off. I think the hair is what gave it the extra something. I like simple upsweeps. I also thought Kate Beckinsale, another woman in white, pulled off that color and dress well. She could have done a better job with her hair though. If I had to pick a best dressed for the night, it was undoubtedly Macria Cross. She picked a daring color in a great style. She realizes rises for the occasion. She was my #2 favorite at the Oscar's last year. I'm anxious to see what she wears to the Ocsars this year.

And of course you know I a couple of major disappointments. I thought Penelop Cruz looked terrible. The dress design, the color, the hair....all WRONG. Natalie Portman, I am so done with her. Get a stylist already!!!!

Much congrats to S. Epatha Murkerson! She and I should talk about consulting a stylist soon!

Signing off,
The Celebrity Fashion Beyotch!
Hopefully the Oscars will follow the GG lead (as it usually does).

What I think will happen is that "Brokeback Mountain" will win Best Picure/Director but not Best Actor for Heath Ledger. Best Actor will go to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Typically, best picture and director are not split up and the actors from other pictures get the Oscar.

Also, the race between Witherspoon and Huffman is shaping out to be interesting. It could go either way at this point.

I loved how during S. Epatha Merkerson's speech when she said that she was 53 and this was her first lead in a movie, the audience applauded. That is one of the few good things about Hollywood. The industry people can recognize a feat when they see one. I have to see "Lackawanna Blues". I love her on Law and Order.

Lastly, hopefully the actors who tackle the gay roles are doing it for the right reasons not solely for the glory. The same goes for those actors who take on characters with mental illness (also made popular by Tom Hanks.)

I would comment on fashion, but that is really not my area of expertise, although I loved Keira Knightley's dress.
but mariah still look betta dan keira knightly. ya eva see dat girl in bend it like beckham, pure skin an bones.
Hey sis, I didn't watch it. I don't like awards anymore. I used to watch them years ago but I get sick of all that hoopla. I try to stay away from anything involving celebrities doing something "live ". LOL! I was glad that Reese won something but nope, not into these things anymore. I am not surprised Cine saw it. Anything that has to do with actors or movies and she's there, LOL!
Knightly looked irie, yes! Hmmm... Seems like gayness is the new heterosexuality sometimes, don't it?
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