Sunday, January 22, 2006


Finally-a Helmet law

I have reached the point where am tired of standing at the graves of young men who have died in traffic accidents.The sad thing is but for a little more caution all of them would probably be alive today.Even sadder is three of the young men were riding motor bikes minus helmets when they met their deaths.For a few dollars more their heads would have been protected and probably their lives.

One of this island's weeklies made the point that the faces at the vigils held for the deceased are eerily the same.An arrow chillingly points to the latest victim attending a roadside vigil for Jason Punnett who died in April of 2005.He had no way of knowing that in the space of a few mths a similar vigil would be held in his memory.

Am more than a little angry at the way these young men have literally thrown away their lives.It is almost as if the previous deaths have not served as a warning to be more careful on the roads or even to wear protective gear.Instead we are faced with the grim and sad task of burying our young men in the prime of their lives.

Therefore,am thrilled that the Govt is finally moving to make helmet wearing and I hope seat belts mandatory.There's no denying that the onus is on us to protect ourselves at all cost,but to let our young men die on these death traps that they turn motorcycles into just won't do.If it means saving themselves from themselves,well so be it.

It is a few years too late in coming and unfortunately too many have died before the Govt stepped up and made a stance.Nevertheless,it is very welcomed as that seems to be the only way that will get compliance.I too want to see an end/reduction to vigils and candles marking the spot.

good move by the goverment but the young men need to curb their dangerous driving habits to avoid the crashes as well.
i dont think we have a helmet law in my city. i could be wrong, but i know in the summertime, we see a lot of helmetless motorcycle riders. It makes no sense to me, but some people are dare devils.
For sure they need to cut down the recklessness.But since they seem to think they invincible even in the face of the increasing body count then they have to be forced to at least compromise on the helmets.
More and more places are getting helmet laws now. Its amazing that governments have to legislate to protect us when we wont protect ourselves.
The most important part of the helmet law will be enforcement. Hope that gov't commits to this too b/c this our biggest problem in the Caribbean.

Another thing that should be imposed and enforced is some stiff fines and imprisonment terms for motorists who endanger the lives of others thru reckless driving and breaking of traffic laws. B/c is one thing to kill yourself but to take the lives of others who were not irresponsible and reckless is quite another thing.
This is something that happens here in the US often as well....especially in the summer months!

It seems the thrill of the speed the attention they get is more important than their saftey and lives.

How sad!

Please drive safe. Drive slow. And always always be careful when u drive.

I had three terrible road accidents in my life. I am afraid to drive anymore. I am afraid to get behind a sterring wheel anymore. Please drive slow and be careful.
Kami we have the helmet and seatbelt rules here at it made a difference for a while but recently it seems as if it making them think that they are more invincible. Police crack down on seatbelt offenders but I still see the riders not wearing helmets. :( I can see where it's needed though. Getting compliance will be the next big step.
Two bikers bought the proverbial farm here Sunday night, one running from the cops... Helmets didn't help them much...
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