Friday, January 20, 2006


Continuing the Tattoo series

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Crass or creative? I can't decide as yet but I admit it made me smile

well now........can I get away with "no comment"?
Better him dan me.....I wonder if the 'pit' has an odour!? Yuck!
Damn! Now that's the most creative tattoo I've ever seen.
I vote "moron". It's all good, right up until he wants to get married.
I lil of both....*smile*

Have a good weekend!

oh my!
That's just a sick tatoo.
creative, I'd say...
Shame Dr. D if the pit does have a smell.
definitely crass, but I laughed so...
I think I am gonna faint with horror. Some people just don't have brains that analyze properly
Disgusting, sex-crazed freak...okay I'm done.
Unfinished is my first impression. :D
creatively crass, but in 10-20 years it's gonna just be crap.
its sick and creative @ the same time. better him than me.
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