Sunday, January 15, 2006


Church Attire

Some time in the middle of last year the Minister issued a word of caution with respect to the mode of dress of some congregation members-mainly directed at us young persons.

As you can imagine it was met with loud "amens" and knowing looks from the older members.Back then I thought it was quite timely as even I have had occasion to raise my eyebrows at the choice of Sunday morning wear by some of my peers and the teenagers.

In my opinion you choose your outfits to suit the situation.So its not expected that you would turn up to the beach in a business outfit or go to work dressed as if its a night at the club.Why then is church attire fast becoming indistinguishable from the club look?

Then this morning(as if to drive home the Minister's point)in walk three young ladies in some of the skimpiest most revealing outfits you would ever hope to see.I kid you not but one was wearing a short backless number and skin tight to boot.Another was wearing a dress so short that in local parlance one could almost see what she had for breakfast.I guess next up would be a memo from the Minister.

In all seriousness though some better judgement aka commonsense can be shown.Nobody is advocating an Arab style outfit but it is possible to be a bit more conservative and still look fine.Remember there is a time for everything and leave the hoochieness for another setting.

Once a hoochies, always a hoochie? :D Hoochieness to the core! :D Maybe they missed the occasions when the Minister issued his warning. They just will not get the memo. :D
Cho! They do the same thing when coming to hospital to visit patients as well. I am not saying you need to be overdressed to visit a patient in hospital, but come on!

I saw a lady in what I can only desciribe as a skin tight 'tinfoil' short shorts (more like a batty rider) and 'bra' to match, in silver six inch spike heels! When she asked for the male patient she was going to visit, I wondered if the man had made a call to some 1-900 number for 'in hospital service'!

I agree with you Kami, one should dress according to the situation. Church is not a place to be wearing low rider jeans, showing thongs or exposing pierced belly buttons! But some people just don't seem to know this.
Dekkah and Dr D you all cracking me up:)
My Dad once told me a lady walked into the Legislative Assembly (The house of Parliament) wearing a t-shirt that said "Dont ask me 4 s--t". Some people do cross the line, yes. Now I wonder if the Doc wouldn't mind seeing the navels if they were not pierced... kidding.
There is a time and place for everything under the sun, including our attire. Certain clothes should not be worn to the house of the Lord. We should always modest on such occasions. Don't know what going thru some people mind when they go to church!
So agree with all the comments. We have the same situation here in Caracas, but it's mostly with the locals. low riders and low cut spaghetti straps are common, but some people just don't get the drift.
Abeni, sounds like I need to come to your church! :-)

Naw, I am just kidding. Hey, last time I went to church, (I think it was in October year before last, me see a young girl in a low rider jeans and a bellyskin blouse, with the hair from her pubes poking out the jeans top and running up towards the navel... she wasn't more than 16 and she did dehdeh with her mother! 8-0
some people just dont know the meaning of discretion
Hair from pubes MB? Her Muddah want a pair o glasses!
Clearly the girls who dress like this for church believe that God is a male. :)
You have got to be kidding me....

What next?!?!? Bathing suits at Christenings!! Oh wait church is church no matter what the event is huh!!

You have got to be kidding me.

Again I will say this is the world we live in....

Church is a fashion show for some. It took me a while to figure why my mother used to jab my father in church. I always thought it was because he was sleeping but he actually was trying to catch a peek at them skimpy outfits!
Seeing more and more of the way out outfits that taking less and less of the imagination coming into church. Pastor knocked out at it the other day but.......and as MB said some of them are there with the parents.
I am a Vincentian living in NY and i can tell you. Ive seen it all. I'm in my 20's and have a good enough shape to dress hoochie like but just refuse, cause im a simple dresser and always get tons of compliments on my conservative dressing. So you dont have to show everything to look nice.
Amen,Candy.You know how many times I hear I don't dress young which is translation for not letting everything hang out.
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