Saturday, January 07, 2006


Artist paints with her breasts

An Australian woman has become famous for her ability to paint with her breasts

Di Peel's first canvas sold for £5, her second for £10 and she's now busy with an order for 10 at £40 each.

The mother of two, from Tasmania, who is happy to describe herself as a big woman, works at the kitchen table rather than at an easel, reports the Mercury newspaper.

She said: "I either apply the paint to my breasts and lean on to the canvas or apply the paint to the canvas and then lean into it to spread the paint.

"I sign every picture with my nipple."

Di says she has to take a shower ever time she changes colours and uses canvases because drawing paper tends to slide around the table.

Commenting on her work, she added: "They are more like abstract flowers. But my latest piece, people say, looks like the Earth from space. My son named it Earthquake, because he thinks it looks like an earthquake."

Too bad we can't see a picture of the artist at work

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Wow, can you imagine using your breast to paint!!

Hmmm the things people do.

Gotta love the world we live in.

it is your blogging duty to find us a picture to go with this post. we shall accept no less :-)
I was thinking of taking up painting. Do you know where I pick up a set of those brushes? :D And, I agree with jdid - don't leave a job half done woman! :)

Now I would like to see this. My question is, what was she doing or what was she thinking the first time she decided to try this!

lol, ummm, well it's original!
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