Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Another traffic rant

Can you imagine that days after writing that post on helmet law I have yet another occasion to be upset with road use? This time a motorist,another young idiot decided a street in Kingstown was the ideal place for him to pretend he was on a race track.As a result of his arrogance or is it ignorance a pedestrian is dead, one remains critical and the other has less serious injuries.

I think it is about time the authorities get firm and make an example of one of these reckless drivers.It is no use paying lip service to the law by basically giving the offenders a slap on the wrist.I am yet to see one of these drivers do jail time for turning their vehicles into murder weapons.Instead,they merely end up with their licences suspended for a couple months and then it is back to business as ususal.

The smallness of our country does not help the situation much either since you can be sure that the fines administered are reflective of the person's standing in society.Coincidence? I think not.C'mon authorities it is time to get tough in the face of recklessness and let the offenders sit in jail like the murderers that they are.

true words Kami.
I totally agree.
I'm convinced that there a a whole bunch of senseless idiots on our roads. For situations like this, I agree with you, there should be stiffer penalties. The victims an their relatives should sue these careless people too.
I agree, Abeni. The law needs to be firm with reckless drivers and drunk drivers because it's amazing how many people get killed by these morons each day.
they should charge him with murder
Something has to be done about it is right.....

I guess more people have to die, or get hurt for them to take notice!!

It's a sad thing.

You know, I know this guy who killed this girl in a car accident. It was his fault totally and he skipped the country because they were looking for him to place manslaughter charges against him. Haven't heard from him again. I wonder what ever happened to him. Maybe the girl's duppy is haunting him and thats enough punishment. Who knows?
You have my support Kami.
Yeah, they definitely need to address that on your island. At least here, you get charged for Manslaughter.
Or wait until some politician's child or someone "big" in your society is a victim of one of these accidents, then you'll see how much ado they'll make about it.
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