Saturday, December 31, 2005


Old Year's Day/Night

That's what we in this part of the world call Dec 31st as opposed to New Year's Eve.Traditionally,it is a period of reflection on the year that is coming to a close and a period where one begins to make resolutions for the upcoming year.

It is marked by church services with the church bells pealing to usher in the New Year,parties,dinners and some other community stuff.Some superstitious persons believe that whatever they were doing at the exact moment the New Year began will be a good/bad omen for the remainder of the year.I was jokingly told that's an explanation why many turn out to church services hoping that God's blessings will follow them for the entire year.

Apart from that Old Year's night was the night when almost every household would be busy cooking.This was the night when the hambone left over from Christmas would find its way into a pot of green peas soup or some wild life like manicou,iguana or as my uncles tell it a yard fowl(fowls that run wild in the yard).

Nowadays,nobody would want to eat a yard fowl so people try very hard to ensure they have some wildlife ready and waiting.Still others found their amusement by putting some big stones in the road which motorists and pedestrians did not find funny at all.Thankfully,this practice is not as prevalent as it once was due to intervention by the authorities.

Anyway,whatever you do enjoy to the fullest.Remember to count the blessings that were yours in 2005 and as 2006 beckons may it be a year of prosperity and good health.Happy New Year,and looking forward to interacting with you all in the upcoming year.

Side note:Today's music Flap your wings by Nelly.No comment from you Jdid:)

Happy New Year to you too, Kami. All the best!
Happy NEw Year Kami. Keep it in the mix for 2006!
Happy New Year A!

Wishing you all the best!!

I like that jam.. "drop down and get your eagle on girl",... happy new year kami!
eeh a suh u do it Abeni?
"drop down and get u eagle on?"
rrraaaah rraaaaah

Happy new year and dont change too much now... unless you're gonna post pics :D
if you keep putting nelly music on this site i gien stop visiting :-)

and wahts wrong wid yard fowl?

happy new year
Jdid-stop hating pon Nelly:)Wait Bart why you didn't go to the link up?
Iguana??? Baby pllleeeeaaaasssseeeee tell me you joking. Ew.
Sable-am serious as a judge.You have to try it:)
Happy New Year Kami.
Last night (after midnight), I went into my room to go to sleep. My mother came in as I was getting changed to tell me that if there's anything that I want excel at in the coming year, that I should do some of it before going to bed (odd superstition right?). Right mom... needless to say, before getting into bed I did the following: opened up a textbook and read half a page, excercised, cleaned up my room (just a little bit), and then I prayed long and hard (since I tend to forget to do that some nights). I hope it works!
Oh and Happy New Year Abeni!
Hope you had a great one
Happy New year
Happy New Year girlie! Admitedly, I'm surprised by your music?!?! LOL!
Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy it!
N,my tastes are eclectic altho a certain person among us will say I have no taste to choose Nelly:)
Iguana!!??? No way!! What is a manicou?

Happy New Year to you Kami.
Manicou is similar to opussum
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