Wednesday, December 28, 2005



If you turn on your speakers you will notice I have Music on my sidebar-Thanks Nic.I wanted R Kelly but the clip was not available so I went with Whitney Houston's "When you Believe".I think its quite apt since I am witnessing what I consider a miracle unfolding before my eyes.

I know believing in God is not the popular thing but am not disillusioned yet.Remember a couple months back I wrote about my 16 year old friend who was fighting a battle with cancer? Well,we both refused to give up even when things looked very grim and each Sunday night we would pray and ask God to make it better i.e if it was his will.And gradually the tumor in his spine shrunk until a few weeks ago he was told he is remission.Now,he's off all chemo and this boy who stands at 6ft and whose body weight had plunged to 90 lbs now weighs 130 and climbing.I don't know what else to call it but a miracle.

On another note(no pun intended)doesn't listening to Whitney sing make you feel a bit sad considering the mess she is in now?Nowadays,her voice sounds so raspy and nothing like the girl who gave us "Saving all love for you" etc.Well,we always hear that there is a price to pay for the choices we make but I can still hope she gets act together before its too late.

Now,turn on your speakers and listen to Whitney and Mariah singing a beautiful song.

Yes miracles do happen. And I am happy that your friend is on the mend... give thanx for live yes!

As to whether they are due to a single omnipotent God and his son who was man, is up for debate...what happens when you pray the same way for another unfornutate person and they don't recover?

But really it matters not really as long as your beliefs and faith help you through tough times.

And on the Whitney note; to me the power of that woman's voice was most evident in two of her renditions...the American Anthem at that superbowl more than a decade or so ago and in " I will will always love you".
God is so awesome! What a wonderful present for the two of you this holiday!
Well,the whole thing about prayer has to do with the will of God and that's why when you pray you say thy will be done.
I know they happen!
Good to hear about your friend. Proof that miracles do happen.
nice music. very happy to hear about your friends recovery. God still works amen to that
Nice song, and excellent news about your friend. Happy new year when it comes.
Excellent to hear that your friend is doing well. Yes, God is always there.

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God has helped me throughout my entire life, and I mostly never felt that I deserved his aid. God is always there, as long as you accept him into your life.

P.S. great video! :)
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