Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Last Lap

Were it not for the absence of elaborate costumes I would have sworn it was carnival and not election time.Almost daily a train of vehicles blaring their respective party's music pass up and down the streets.Did I mention the top artistes that have flown in to this island as part of the campaign? Just this weekend we were graced with Beres Hammond,Sanchez,Third World and Byron Lee brought down the curtains last night.

I tell you not even carnival time we have it this good and free to boot.And,of course we had the appearance of the gospel singers like Carlene Davis,Bridget Blucher and others.You know that no election campaign in the Caribbean is not worth its salt if every would be leader did not claim to be best friends with God.When the dust settles we will wonder where all the funding came from and at what price i.e if we not are still hungover.

But,seriously campaigning,since 2001 has taken on new dimensions.The ruling ULP,who was then in opposition introduced the high profile entertainment packages at the rallies.Back then it was criticised as catering to the young who were supposedly influenced by the partying.I figure in 2005 the ULP is operating on the "if its not broken,don't fix it" principle.While am looking forward to the end of the campaign a part of me will miss the excitement and the very catchy songs made specially for the occasion.

So,come tomorrow its time to go to the polls and decide whether we want the flamboyant Dr Ralph Gonsalves or the sombre Arnhim Eustace to be in charge of our destiny for the next five years or so.Actually,the entire campaign has been based around leadership so much so that it is almost like a US presidential election.What's my name Arnhim? is a voice over done by the PM on one the popular election songs.The NDP retorts by saying "One Term Poppa." Yes,ladies and gentlemen its a Eustace vs Gonsalves battle for the championship belt.Tune in on Wednesday night or Thursday morning for a report on how the battle ended.After all,a girl has got to be where the celebrations are irrespective of whether she voted or not

Sounds like it's gonna be quite a show down. I think the ULP is on to a good concept - If you can't do anything else right, at least know how to throw a good party (not that I know anything about the competence of the ULP).
So, you naw go vote girl? After all, you must have an opinion....(whether it be swayed by the heap o partying or not!) ;-)
Go vote.....
you guys need to come here and show us how to run elections. You can run in the next election. :D
the leadership thing sounds similar to the last few barbados elections. the blp wins simply on having owen as their leader

but what can i say about your election, i guess fete is fete right. if ya can get a free fete i say enjoy it
I just discovered your Blog. And I love it! I am from Ottawa, Canada and I host a community radio show. I would love to connect with you. pls email me at thespecialblend@yahoo.com
I hear ya gurl...get your party on!!! Get it....party!?!? Oh well I used to be funnier back in the day!! ~LOL~

It's funny the things these canidates do for a vote, but once they get in office all the things once said, and promised is forgotten! hmmmmm....

Politricks, it's the same wherever you go. The aim is to get the popular vote, and how better than with a party?
Nice - Public relations has won elections before, and in your case all the muzak might do the trick!
Girl i don't know but election in your country sounding good at least for the citizens and them nobody can do it like we caribbean people any excuse to fete.

I always liked Dr. Gonzales hes been to trini often hes soooooo gorgeous but of course thats not a reason to vote for somebody.
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog really appreciate it.
Our elections are staring up in Canada too. I love our Prime Minister, and I would hate to see him go. The other parties all make me mad. Goooo Liberals!
As a more general statement: May the good guy win!
SIG,Dr Gonsalves or Comrade as we call him isreal charismatic.He has a way of making persons feel as if they really matter(whether genuine or not) and he mingles really well with everybody.
Go mark yuh X kami and I hope your candidate wins. I've been hearing a lot about the Vincy elections.
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