Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Labour again

They said they were "Better by Far","More than Ready" and implored Vincentians to "Keep the Comrade there".And in a show of agreement the Vincentian populace gave Dr Gonsalves's ULP a second term in office.But I can bet my last dollar the results which appear to be the same majority(12-3)would have been extremely disappointing to the ULP.

For a party that prided itself on returning with an increased majority they would have been very unhappy with the very narrow margins of 14,29,54 in some key constituencies.It must have been quite a dent to the pride of the ULP who swept into power in 2001 on a wave of goodwill.To see it evaporate in a mere 4 and a half years must have been quite sobering and a definite cause for much soul searching. Election night is typically one when you can hear loud screams of joy coming from houses as they follow the fortunes of their candidates in pretty much the same way as cricket season. Tonight,although the ULP came out victorious the atmosphere was very muted.

Much of the disappointment was centred around the ULP being unable to unseat the Opposition leader.This seat was the most targeted one of the entire election and the ULP acted as if it was a fait accompli and subsequently most of the supporters felt the same way.But for the third consecutive election the former PM was able to hold on and this time increase his majority.

From where I sit the ULP has to reevaluate itself if it wants to be a force in the next elections.For sure they need to look at the aggressive-in your face,high profile entertainment campaign.That seems to me to not be giving any significant advantage and frankly is a waste of money.Anyway,congratulations to the ULP for a hard fought victory and hopefully the Ministers will give better representation and not ride on the coattails of Dr Gonsalves.

PS.I yielded to peer and family pressure and voted.

Congrats to Dr. Gonsalves and his team. I hope it was your team also. The ULP kinda sounding like the Barbados BLP who has been in power for 15yrs now. Elections are due next year and we'll see how the opposition fears against Owen and Mia.
ULP sounds lik the Jamaican PNP who has been in power for more than 16 years now. It's no surprise that Dr Gonsalves's won. I woulda vote for him after that pay increase idea!
As long as you voted for who you wanted! :)

I'm happy everything went smoothly.

Well, hope they do some good stuff for your country in the second term.
So how Camp and Stunner comparing tham to the BLP and the P.N.P? This is just their second term. They just get past hatching. Lets see them beat up a third term and then we can lift our hats to them.
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